Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work in progress...

This post is a recap of dues not yet paid:

In February I learned a new technique of treating metals with a substance called Liver of Sulphur from Heidi of Ex Post Facto Jewelry. It was something I was planning on trying out this summer, but the prospects are a bit glum. My jewellery as well as other DIY have been a bit sidetracked due to my academic obligations.
Do check out Heidi's blog, she's one of the most original jewellery makers :-)

In April I posted the cowl neck dress I had sewn and promised I'd do a post with a picture of me wearing it. There is no way around it: the dress simply does not look good on me. It's just a bit too tight. The kind of tight that makes me self conscious about my tummy. So the dress is still in my closet waiting to be premiered or repurposed. I haven't yet decided either way.

In June I did a post on a kaftan dress I was making. Well this one is finished and turned out fantastic. Well beyond my expectations. I have yet to post a picture of me wearing it.

And then in July after my blogging break I briefly mentioned our staycation here and promised to do a post on the trips and places we've been to.

Koper, public beach
And finally a sneak preview of things to come:

Since I loathe teasers, I'll elaborate further. Yes this is my thesis, all bound and finished. I'm still waiting for the oral presentation but at least the writing part is over.

You also may have noticed the new blog design, I've been fiddling around with templates a bit. Please let me know if the new design is somehow lacking. Thanks!


  1. Congratulations Ana! Having all those years and work documented in covers, gives great satisfaction. Yet you must have mixed feelings, reaching a goal, you have worked so long for..
    When are you having the public defense of the thesis? How does it all happen in Slovenia?
    Seems that you have material already ready for the next one ; )

  2. Mette: I feel ready. I've been really taking my time finishing law school, part of it was due to my psychological issues and part of it was procrastination out of fear. I see that now, which probably means I've conquered it. I hope! Thanks so very much for support, I LOVE that you used the term public defence. I presume that's how you refer to to oral presentation in Finland? Because just a week ago my father in law (to be) informed me that's how they used to call it in Slovenia, actually Yugoslavia, decades ago.
    And yes, it is soon, sooner than I expected, am reluctant to give away the date, but I will post about it afterwards.

  3. Oh, how exciting it must have been to see the bound volume for the first time! Congratulations and best wishes for your presentation.

  4. Ms. M: Thanks so much :-) Yes it was a feeling of profound joy and accomplishment. At our University it is customary for the grade to be noted on the first page and signed by the members of the board of examiners. I'm looking forward to see that!