Friday, August 19, 2011

The bead soup is here!

The bead soup arrived yesterday and I was super excited! My first thought after opening the package was: peacock.

peacock left to walk around freely in Ljubljana Zoo
Some of you might have noticed the bead soup button on the side bar of my blog and perhaps wondered what the heck is a bead soup blog party. Well a bead soup blog party is a blogging event hosted by the sweet and wonderful Lori Anderson. The idea behind it is to get a bunch of jewellery designers to get together and swap beads and then we all make something with the beads we received and post it on our blog on a certain date.

coordinating beads, a selection of glass, crystal, pearls and ceramic beads

The intention of a bead swap is to try new things and work with beads we wouldn't normally purchase ourselves. It promotes creativity and encourages us to experiment and expand our jewellery skills. Click here if you're interested to read more on the bead soup party.

the clasp and some findings in antique gold and copper

My beading partner is Eleanor Snare. She's a blogger, a jewellery designer and a writer. A true renaissance woman :-) She mixes bead weaving with semi precious stones to create some truly unique pieces. I really liked the colours she usually works with, lots of bright blues and greens and pinks.

clasp detail

Eleanor sent me findings in antique gold and copper colour tones. It's something I rarely work with, I prefer silver tones, so this will definitely be a new experience. The clasp reminds me of Greek columns.

two focals, a ceramic bead and tubular bead covered in bead weaving
She also sent me two focals, a large ceramic bead and a tubular focal she made herself. Incredible, isn't it?

love at first sight

I have no idea how I'm going to use it. It is quite large. But I was instantly reminded of Joan Holloway from Mad men and the pendant she frequently wears.




  1. Oh yeah, that's some good soup! Love those colors, and both the focals are wonderful!

  2. Lovely beads. I bet you are a b i t excited to start mixing and matching and making your " something " by now. What a nice selection you received.
    Waiting with interest what you come up with!

  3. I do like your new blog heading.What a great idea to swop blogger beads.

    Shall await the results. Ida

  4. Shirley: This is my first soup and I was a bit scared at first. But it's funny Eleanor sent me two focals because she was afraid I wouldn't like the one she made and guess what: I did the same.

    Mette: the reveal date is September 17th. I've already started experimenting a bit but I'm not allowed to post anything until then.

    ida: I wanted a shiny, sparkly blog ;-) No, seriously, I wanted a template that allowed for bigger photos to be displayed and I also really like coral. It's a bit girly and on the light side.

  5. Oooh, I wonder what you'll make! I love Joan's pendant, so your inspiration is off to a great start. And you have plenty of great stuff to work with here. So exciting -- good luck :)

  6. What a lovely selection of beads. Looking forward to see what you make!

  7. Heidi: Thanks. I don't usually work with pendants so that part had me worried most.

    bead addict: :-)

  8. Love it all! And I love how you juxtaposed it against other things and styles!

  9. Lori: The credits go to you as well for your savvy partner pairing :-)