Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rites of passage

 Growing Old is Mandatory - Growing Up Is Optional.
Chilli Davis

There are many milestones on the road form childhood to adulthood. Tiny markers that signal the passage of time.Some are exhilarating, like the time I got my driver's licence and the incredible feeling of freedom that came along; some are uncomfortable, like getting my period a good couple of years earlier than my peers and some are down right scary, like shopping for my first grown up suit.

I have no idea why, but the just the thought of needing a proper suit had me terrified, it still does. I have purchased cocktail dresses and stilettos, even coats without blinking. Actually attending a classical high school that put priority in languages and literature meant I was constantly surrounded with young wannabe poets. Which of course meant a long black coat was de rigeur.
Yet to this day, I don't own a single pair of black dress pants and only one pair of black pumps. It would seem obvious to anyone but me that I do suffer from the Peter Pan complex. Anything remotely grown up or strict has me running for the hills.
Initially I set out to buy a suit in navy. I dislike black and I look terrible in gray or beige. After spending an entire day looking for a navy suit in vain I finally gave up and bought this black suit. And felt very smug about it for it has ruffles.
Life is too short to spend it doing things that scare you or make you uncomfortable.


  1. It would have to be a very special suit for me to buy it as well. I think I'd prefer a man's suit tailored for me! But if I had to have a skirt suit, I'd go for one with a little something extra (like your ruffles!). Congrats for facing your fears :)

  2. I'm a good bit older than you are & own neither a suit nor a pair of black dress pumps. How's that?

  3. That's a beautiful suit. Did you need one for something specific?

    A few years ago I finally bought a pair of "grown up lady" Ferragamo black pumps (the pointy-toed, stiletto-heeled kind). I don't have occasion to wear them often, but always feel so sophisticated when I do.

  4. A very nice suit. Feminine. I´m glad you chose a black one, because:
    Are you going to wear it to the oral presentation of your thesis by any chance?

  5. Heidi: Thanks. It was a grueling experience too, I had the misfortune of stumbling on a very rude sales assistant in one boutique. I chose the skirt suit deliberately, I prefer skirts over pants.

    Charlotte: I envy you. I put it off for as long as I could.

    une femme: just an all purpose suit in a timeless cut for job interviews and other formal occasions.

    ckh: Thanks :-) So glad to see your comment.

    Mette: Why yes, the cat's out of the bag ;-) We have a strict dress code for oral presentations; jacket obligatory, suit desired.

  6. Your suit looks lovely and very well structured. The ruffles are a fun touch. It says I'm a professional and straight talking black suit but turn around and I'm a little bit fun and creative as well. Hooray for ruffles! :-)

  7. bead addict: that is the most concise and accurate description of my suit.

  8. I agree with bead addict comment, professional the frill adds a touch of femininity,also like the fit of the jacket.

    Memories,memories my daughter is a solicitor (lawyer). Ida

  9. I love it! Black means business and the ruffles mean I can bring home the bacon too!

  10. ida: sorry, some sort of weird typo in the previous comment. it's the only jacket of the many, many I tried that day that fit as it should, the vertical seams really work with my figure, helping to create the illusion of a waist. I had no idea your daugheter is a lawyer. Does the English system still make distinctions between barristers and solicitors? I found the whole idea very interesting.

    Mandy: now all I need are some glittery shoes ;-)