Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday night film selection: Lord of the rings

I suppose it's time for me to come out of the closet! Yep, no more hiding behind serious dramas and delightful comedies. I am a Lord of the rings fan (and a Trekkie too).  There is no explaining it but I am inexplicably drawn to these sort of blockbuster spectacles that have a lot of action sequences interspersed with more or less curious and mystical and unusual plots. But mostly I am drawn into the worlds the authors have created like J. K. Rowling with Harry Potter or in this case Tolkien with his Hobbits and Middle Earth saga.

I have seen all thee parts in the cinema as well as all the Harry Potter films and I never go to the cinema otherwise.  Mr C gave me the entire trilogy for my birthday and there's like 15 DVDs in this big box with the extended version of the film and all the extra features. Boy, we'd need an extra vacation to see it all ;-)

It's my guilty pleasure like romance novels for some people.
Happy weekend!


  1. Mr I enjoys Lord of the Rings,Tolkien, have you read any Alan Garner books his Weirdstone of Bresingamon is similiar to Harry Potter who Mr I does not like!!

    Well you can start your trilogy this weekend you deserve it after all your hardwork.

    Happy weekend. Ida

  2. Ida: Have never heard of Alan Garner. I did check our national on-line library database and they only have Owl service. It would seem Mr. Garner and his work is somehow not interesting enough for Slovenes :-(