Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wonderful Tuesday part deux

I wrote a post in July elaborating on my fondness for Tuesdays and how all good things happen on a Tuesday (or most at least). Well did that ever reaffirm itself last night.

Last night my friends threw a surprise party to celebrate my graduation. It was my first surprise party and boy did they outdid themselves! I was later told they've been planning it for weeks. Kudos to Mr. C who kept cool about it. I never suspected a thing.

But the biggest thanks goes to my cousin who made all the arrangements and hosted the party at her house. Thanks so much :-)

There were  hellium balloons (my favourite as I explained in this post) and an abundance of delicious food and a spectacular dessert, but most importantly it was an unforgettable evening of talking and laughing in the company of some amazing people.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Yay! As a newly minted lawyer you deserve the festitivies. Congratulations!

  2. Oh how great! And you were fully surprised, never suspected a thing?
    A party definitely was just what you needed and deserved :)!

  3. Susan: Thanks, this week has been and still will be a roller coaster ride of emotions. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post ;-)

    Mette: It was an absolute surprise! Mr. C informed me he was taking me out somewhere special about 2 hours before and instructed me to close my eyes as we were approaching my cousin's house. I was expecting a dinner in a restaurant or a cake and a cocktail not this lavish feast.

  4. One of the best gifts is having friends who know what will please you! Congratulations on your graduation, Coffee. I'm glad you had a superb celebration!

  5. Lori: The food was soo good, I ate way too much.

    Charlotte: So true! I was reminded just how fortunate I am to have friends who care for me so much.

  6. All that delicious food is making me hungry!

    Nothing beats celebrating with Mr C and good friends. Ida