Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coffee in Helsinki

Today, I've accepted an invitation to a very special and as it turns out an ultra stylish coffee date with my oldest blogger friend Mette from Metscan who threw together this surprise gathering.
Since this is blogosphere the usual time/space limitations do not apply and our date is conducted virtually via the Internet.

Go check out what the other ladies will be wearing. I must say that after reading about their outfits my most casual linen pants/polo top and flat sandals outfit I was planning on wearing seemed modest and out of place. I had to dig a little deeper into my closet and opted instead for the more feminine combination of a white blazer and printed knit dress (I'm deliberately choosing to omit the labels).

Accessories are pretty standard: my formal sunglasses;

a vintage brooch;

and a vintage Turkish filigree bracelet given to me by my mum.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Too many words

and not a single one fits. After three days of condolences and helpful advice I'm just about ready to round up every single word that has been spoken and delete them permanently from the hard drive that is my mind. Like a corrupt file.

Franzi, the balcony gnome

Today my step dad would have turned 66 except he never made it. He died on Friday. Unexpectedly. From a heart attack.

His legacy: a garden full of orphaned gnomes. Many of them still in his workshop too. Waiting for a coat of paint or a few finishing touches.

The cats miss him. So do mum and me.