Ljubljana ZOO

In a nutshell:
I'm a twenty something  just turned 30 self taught seamstress/jewellery maker/nuts about DIY in general pescetarian (a fish eating vegetarian) .
This blog is, well kinda like my life, a little bit of everything tossed into the mix. Among my many random ramblings and obsessions about the most unusual things, you'll find an absurd amount of photos of my cat Rufus, a lot of my projects and hopefully some useful information and DIY tidbits.

Minimundus, Klagenfurt

Some other genuinely quirky details that might (or not) provide you with a more in depth personality  assessment:
  • My favourite colours are turquoise and teal, depending on the season.
  • I'm a cat person. No doubts there, huh.
  • My star sign is Virgo and true to form I'm exceptionally neat and organized. I even have a T-shirt folding template, an infinite source of amusement for my friends.
  • I'm extremely loyal. To people, animals, things, ideas. 
  • Though my eyes are brown, I've always wanted green eyes and even wore tinted contacts for some time.
  • I don't own a single pair of black trousers. Bought two pairs after graduating. Sigh.
  • When I became a  pescetarian two years ago, I also made a commitment not to buy leather items anymore.
  • I love coffee to the point of addiction. No surprise there.
  • I never forget. I always forgive.
  • I have a pathological fear of failure. So I tend to procrastinate. Progress report: procrastination has been evicted to some island in the Pacific, where it enjoys a nice retirement. Cocktails included.
  • I don like odd numbers and I always sit in an even numbered seat in the theater.