Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday night film selection: Plots with a view

In a mood for something light yet quirky? A bit of dark humour, some dancing and a plot ripe with eccentric yet amiable charcters? Well then Plots with a view is just the film for you. Alfred Molina plays the shy and hopelessy romantic undertaker with a more than appropriate name Boris Plots. The story had me sold on that fact alone ;-)
Boris has two great loves: ballroom dancing and Betty Rhys - Jones. A childhood sweetheart who married the most boorish, rude and vulgar man. Since Boris and Betty were meant to be together they hatch a plan of faking Betty's death and run away to start a new life. They encounter a snag in their plan in the form of  Boris' competitor, a Mr. Featherbed (still laughing!), played by the ingenious Christopher Walken.
A film with more than a predictable ending, anything but an original plot, yet still refeshing and worth watching because the excecution is nothing if not original.

I have no idea why, but this movie has a second title and is also known as Undertaking Betty.


  1. The woman in the photograph next to Molina looks like Beaver Cleaver's mom, Barbara Billingsley.

    We have an old Wadja fillm on tap for tonight--"Revenge," with Roman Polanski. It's a comedy, supposedly.

  2. this looks great! thanks!

  3. Charlotte: You always have such original off beat film suggestions :-) I'm always interested in somrthing non mainstream that isn't too artistic.

    Mandy: :-) I hope you like it.