Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The eye candy post

I started this blog with the purpose of showcasing my DIY, especially my jewellery. But looking back on my posts, I haven't been blogging much about it. It just how life turns out, I guess.

With the bead soup reveal day approaching, I've been spending more time on jewellery blogs and as a result, I've been focusing on my work more as well.

This post is a collage of my jewellery from my early pieces that are at least 3 years old to my current work.

I tried to put together photos that represent my standard body of work, the colours I like to work with and the techniques I employ most often.

Clearly, I use a lot of blues and purples, but some reds and earth tones as well.

I like to work with crystal and glass and semi precious stones. Turquoise is my absolute favourite :-)


  1. Gorgeous pieces. I love the turquoise too!
    It looks so vibrant paired with the red.

  2. You have a very nice sense of color and form! Those are lovely.

  3. They are all beautiful!

  4. Nice work. I especially the pieces with purple.

  5. The 7th picture down is my favourite piece but prefer it with gold coloured balls.Ida

  6. bead addict: thanks, it's my favourite combo, the red coral and turquoise.

    deja pseu: Thanks! Your comment gave me a lot to think about in particular why some pieces work and others don't in relation to form in particular.

    Ms. M: Thanks :-)

    Susan: Those are amethyst chips and Italian glass, but not Murano. Purple is a very elusive colour and interesting to work with. It has strong character.

    Ida: That's so funny, I think I made another similar necklace with gold beads. I think I gave it away as a present.

  7. I like your first necklace best!

  8. Mette: The first photo is a bracelet, but if you're referring to the second photo, I believe this is one of the very first pieces I ever made.