Monday, August 29, 2011

The view from my beach towel

If you looked at the photo above of a forest and read the title, you might have gone huh? Beach in the forest? It seems a bit strange, but let me explain:
On Saturday Mr. C and me went for a dip in the Bohinj lake, a large and beautiful glacial lake surrounded by the Alps. The scenery was breath taking and the water incredibly clear.

 I've never bathed in a lake before and it was unusual to be surrounded with forest and mountains instead of the usual seaside scenery of scorching hot white rocks and seagulls and a horizon of never ending blue water.

The water temperature was at a steady 21,5 C, which is super high for a glacial lake and the air temperature was around 29 to 30 C. Warm but not unbearably hot.

We set camp far away from the public beach. We were fortunate to find a little nook under the trees that had a nice view of the waterside and enough room for all our stuff. It was incredible! Nothing but the sound of the waves and the leaves moving in the wind and the occasional boat that came rowing by.

 At the same time, we weren't more than 10 meters away from another larger beach and the main road.  The forest really muffled the sounds!

 Late in the afternoon, with everyone packing to leave, the permanent lake inhabitants slowly started coming out of their hiding places. Like these two young male ducks. I bet they were pleased to have the place to themselves at last.

And a couple of underwater pictures taken by Mr. C:

can you see all the little fish?


  1. Incredible! I'm so jealous, this is so much better than the beach at the ocean!!

  2. Beautiful photos especially the underwater one of small fishes.

    Our lakes are very cold no where near your temps,this weekend has been a long one here and it has rained and temp today is 12c I feel so sorry for the campers' & caravans brrrr.

    The 4th photo could have been taken in my grounds.
    Bet you are feeling refreshed for the week ahead. Ida

  3. Finland is famous for it´s numerous lakes, so a lake is more familiar to me. These days, I rather stay on the shore;).
    But your lake is stunning. How many times did you go for a swim?

  4. Mandy: We're already planning to spend next year's vacation here. We were smitten :-)

    Ida: The English summer and its fickle temper! I'm sorry to hear it.
    But by the looks of it, it was the last hot weekend of the summer :-(

    Mette: I love the water, swimming gives me great joy. I went swimming three times on Saturday and spent between 30 and 50 minutes in the water.

    Susan: Thanks :-)

  5. What a beautiful place! A large glacial lake surrounded by the Alps, and the temperature sounds just perfect!

  6. Wow - drop-dead gorgeous photographs! It looks so lush and green and refreshing!

  7. Lorri: Your water preference matches Mr. C's. I preffer slightly warmer temperatures.

    Vanessa: Thanks! It's just my small camera and a water resistant pouch for the underwater photos.