Sunday, August 21, 2011

My obsessions with...fabric

Fabric is my weakness. It would seem I am unable to go to a fabric store without walking out with a couple of meters of new fabric.

About three months ago things have become so drastic, that I was forced to impose a fabric shopping ban.

Because at the rate I was going I would have hit the three digit count of meters of fabric and the realization was surprisingly sobering.

Since the ban came in effect, I've been having almost no difficulties at all going into a fabric shop and not be overcome by the desire to buy everything in sight.

There have of course been some minor binges, I bought a few meters of printed cotton in Ikea in June but other than that my fabric stash is dwindling due to the fact that I sew on a regular basis and when it's down to 20 or so meters I'll be reconsidering the ban and not a moment sooner.


  1. Love the swatches! What do you make? I really need a new makeup bag for my purse, and a camera tote!! :)

  2. I like different fabrics too, but have only bought when I needed it.
    Finally something I can resist ;)!

  3. CA, I have the same obsession....and a closetful of fabric. From reading sewing blogs, I have come to understand there's nothing unique about this. In fact, it's practically a requirement. It's called "building a stash." When you see a fabric you love, even if you have no immediate purpose for it, buy at least 3 yards!

  4. Fabric is my weakness as well.

    And I follow Charlotte's 3 yards rule.

    What frustrates us is lack of selection. You would think there'd be great selections of what we like in San Francisco, but it's not so. We have better luck in Berkeley and Oakland. Definitely worth the drive -- about 45 minutes.

    Your selections are gorgeous!

  5. The spotty one appeals to me.Ida

  6. Shirley: I'm more of a skirts and dresses kinda gal ;-) My machine is a bit too weak to handle sturdy material required for bags and pouches, but I've made a makeup case as a gift for a friend:

    Mette: I have a friend who collects antique silver spoons and had a hard time overcoming this "addiction. We all have something :-)

    Charlotte: I agree, in order to get serious about sewing you first have to have a solid stash of fabric and notions. But mine was becoming an obsessive need to have all the pretty fabric.

    Susan: Hi, so nice to see you commenting. I buy most of my fabric with no project in mind but I usually get 2 meters.

    Ida: thanks, it's a woven viscose remnant I got at a super reduced price.

  7. Wow - I am impressed by your collection and your ability to purchase it without a specific vision in your head already - I love the idea of letting the pattern and color and texture decide what the fabric will become!

  8. Vanessa: a very good observation, most seamstresses struggle with this fact! Always respect the fabric and it's properties :-)