Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Renovating: the entrance

I haven't done one of these in a while. So today I'm going to show you our entrance/hall. This room (and I use the term room with reservations) was probably the most difficult space to work with. It's really small, just over 3m2 and has 4 doors: front door, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Which in itself is a brilliant idea, to have all the rooms accessed from a single point. Things get tricky because we have all this doors in a tiny area that has to accommodate a storage for shoes, coats, gloves, hats and whatnot.
And no, this isn't the only pairs of shoes we own, the rest are stored in boxes in our cellar. Same goes for coats and jackets, the out of season ones are in the bedroom closet.

This is what we had to work with:

Obviously the raffia covering the wall had to go. And the mirror behind the bathroom door as well. Not really the best place to position a mirror, I think. And though the previous owners painted it in orange it had no effect on our colour selection. We wanted an entrance room in a bright orange from the very beginning.

The hideous green linoleum was the second obvious thing that had to be thrown out. It was so ugly I was willing to peel it off with bare hands if need be. It was replaced by a nicer mosaic print black/grey linoleum.

The sniffing inspection:

A scratch post for Rufus. The fact that he never uses it is besides the point. The little ornament was a present from a friend.

An essential piece: the concierge tray for holding keys, glasses and mobile phones. We can be ready to leave the apartment at a moment's notice, without the tedious: 'Darling, have you seen my keys?'


  1. You sure have an entrance " room " with a lot of challenge. The amount of doors! Keeping it clutter free ( as you do ), is the most vital thing, to keep it functional.
    Luckily you have storing places.

  2. It's fortunate that you're so organized! You've done a great job with the small space, and that orange really does work perfectly.

  3. Mette: I believe we did our best with such a small area. And clutter free is an absolute priority. I believe you of all people will understand when I say clutter makes me nervous.

  4. Heidi: Thank you! As I've already said numerous times on my blog: living in small apartment really forces people to become creative with storage solutions.

  5. You did really well with the space you had, good job!
    Deb x