Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waiting it out

There are certain items in my stash that have been there for a while, years even. Whether it be fabric or beads, I believe in holding on to them because eventually the right project will come along

Case in point: I've had these (boring) brown wood beads in my stash since I first began making jewellery. Since then I've tried incorporating them in at least five different pieces without success.

08. 03. 2011 1

Eventually I gave up trying and they've been sitting in my bead box sadly neglected.

08. 03. 2011 2

When I saw this necklace I immediately knew that this project was absolutely perfect for my brown beads. So a handful of seed beads, brown satin ribbon and an hour later this necklace was born. It was almost magic how everything came together so easily. I found the gold cone shaped findings in another neglected bead stash waiting to be used.

08. 03. 2011 3


  1. It's great when those long unused beads come in handy! Fun necklace :)

  2. Another awesome necklace! Those beads aren't boring anymore.