Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh, I've been bad....

The last thing I need is more fabric. My closet is already full of wonderful fabric waiting to be used up. So how do I resist the temptation of buying more? Hmmm, I don't.

Last week I went into town for weekly groceries shopping. Well of course I had to pop over to my favourite, well stocked fabric store. I had a valid reson. I had run out of fusible interface and needed to buy more. While there, I of course had to have a little look around. Inevitably I found and promptly fell in love with this silky smooth lycra print fabric. It's just perfect for a maxi summer dress.

I imagine I'll make a simple cowl neck maxi dress, much like this one. Though I love the back draping on this dress it's a bit to racy for my taste.

This lovely dress can be bougt at Asos for a 'measly' sum of 446,08 €.


  1. A lovely fabric! What is your timetable for it? Approximately, how much are you saving by DIY?
    Can´t wait too see it ready..

  2. Mette: This is such an easy project, I imagine it will take about 4-5 hours max. I paid a little less than 30 € for fabric and lining. I reckon I save between 70 - 90% off retail price. As for the overall budget on clothing, I might have a bit more clothes because I sew but I recon my budget has decreased by at least 50%.

  3. Thanks Deb! No idea when I'll make it, probably soon since the fabric has been cut yesterday.