Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on my heath (and new shoes)

03. 03. 2011 1

Another slightly whiny post. But I will distract you with pretty pictures of my new shoes so it won't be too tiresome. The truth is that I am very tired of all this being sick business. It's been dragging on for two months now. I want it to stop, no more pills, no more nose drops or saline. No more doctors prying and poking. I want to be done with it.
First the good news: My ear drum is now almost healed. And my hearing is slowly returning to normal. As far as the doctors predict there are no permanent damages. Needless to say, I was extremely relieved.

03. 03. 2011 2

I was very disappointed however with the way my treatment has been conducted. Most of the time the doctors couldn't be bothered less, they just want you in and out of the examination room as quickly as possible. I understand it's flu season and there are a lot of sick people in the waiting room. But seriously if I come back in three weeks and there is no significant improvement in my condition, shouldn't that set off some kind of alarm?
Then there is the problem with prescribing medication. Without going into too much detail, I was prescribed some corticosteroid nasal spray without being told what it was. Without being warned it might seriously irritate my throat. Seriously, my ear infection was a result of a throat infection. And we're back where we started...

03. 03. 2011 3

Bottom line: Still not quite healthy. The next week will be crucial because of the precarious nature of my condition. Since the weather here has worsened (as I'm writing this, it's actually snowing outside) I'll be staying at home eating my vitamins and keeping my fingers crossed.

The shoes I wrote about here arrived last Monday and they are sooooo cute and comfy. The shoe box has a picture of two adorable Michelangelo type angels on the lid. I know pretty packaging is nothing but a cunning marketing strategy, yet I can't help myself.

03. 03. 2011 4

They have a bit of a wedge and since I haven't owned a pair of wedges for at least a decade I will have to get used to walking in them.

03. 03. 2011 5

03. 03. 2011 6

I decided to model these wearing some dotted socks, since my legs are ghostly pale.


  1. Those might be the most clever pair of shoes I have ever laid eyes on!
    Sorry about your ongoing illness. I hope you can kick this crud for good soon!

  2. This flu ( ? ) of your´s is a stubborn one. You have managed to stay surprisingly patient and calm.
    I´m glad that you got the new shoes, as they have managed to cheer you up a bit!!

  3. The shoes are totally precious! I'm glad you have something to make you feel a little better while you're still feeling bad.

    Hopefully you'll fully recover before long. At least your ear's healing up.

  4. Metscan it's actually a nasty middle ear infection combined with throat and sinus infection. The problem is tackling all the at the same time. I really tried to stay positive and not nag too much because I know from previous experience a positive attitude can do wonders for overall health condition.
    And yes the shoes made me happy, especially because Mr. Coffeeaddict bought them as a sympathy/get well gift.

  5. Hope it all heals up for you soon.
    Enjoy those new shoes!