Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pay it forward giveaway

I think most of you know the movie Pay it forward. The concept of this story is groundbreaking: kindness to strangers, pure acts of selfishness that can change the world for the better.
Last week I received a Pay it forward letter from Lori Anderson from Pretty things. A blogger, an artist but mostly an extraordinary person.

She sent me this and a lovely letter accompanying it. I thought about posting it on my front door but people in apartment building don't speak English so I decided to put it next to my desk/workspace.

And now it's my turn to do a pay it forward. I've decided to give away this lovely set of necklace and earrings in a nice neutral colour. The earrings measure approximately 6 cm and the necklace measures 47 cm. I used glass beads and silver toned chain. As with all my jewellery these pieces are one of a kind.

In order to win this set you must:
1. Post a comment on this blog entry with a valid e-mail so I can contact the winner. You don't have to become a follower or any such nonsense!
2. The comment has to be posted by Friday 1st April until 20.00 CET
3. The winner of the giveaway has to do a pay-it-forward.


  1. I haven't watched the film, but I like the sound of more people doing random acts of kindness!
    I will leave my email address in a separate comment. Would it be o.k if you delete it after making a note of it - I worry about spam!! thanks :-)

  2. I've seen the movie and read the book and they're both good.

    I love the color of those beads, so pretty!
    kaleemarie (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. I have the same jewellery tree that you have! Was a Christmas present from my hubby one year. Love it's simplicity and modernity!

  4. Anonymous: I love this jewellery tree so much. Not really fond of little statuettes and decorations to display in my home, only good for collecting dust! But this jewellery tree is perfect whether for storing actual jewellery or just simply as a piece of art.