Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday road trip: going home, part deux

As I mentioned in the previous post, Mr. Coffeeaddict and I went to Celje on Sunday. I'm not Catholic or religious in any way but I somehow feel that my trips to Celje resemble a pilgrimage. For me it's a profoundly spiritual and joyous occasion to go to this lovely town where I spent almost every summer as a child at my grandmother's house.
It was different (safer) back in those days and children were allowed to play unsupervised. I would often wander off to the river bank, pick interesting shinning stones and haul them back home. My grandmother's house was right next to the river Savinja and from the balcony I could watch people walking on the town's promenade. How I found it boring!
Today I jump at the chance to go to Celje for a walk on the promenade ;-)

The following pictures are a mix of pictures we took on Sunday and pictures we took in August 2009, while we were here on vacation.

Every time I come here, there are a few spots I have to visit no matter what:

1. The river bank.

You can see the Celje Castle in the distance

Could this be the same bird?

2. Hotel Evropa. Their café is very old world, Vienna style and I love the atmosphere. The service is impeccable and you can't find the same level of service in our nation's Capital. That's saying something.

This is an old ice-cream truck, still serving its purpose in the summer garden of Hotel Evropa

We were halfway through our cakes, when I remembered to take a photo. Bad, bad blogger ;-P The cake on the left is orange creme and chocolade, the one on the right is white & black chocolade.

Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

3. The 'star' square. Basically just a tiny square formed by an intersection of roads with a star made out of marble blocks. When I accompanied my grandmother to the market, I would always run to the star and jump in the middle. And I still do that. Yes, I'm kooky.

I leave with you a video of me being silly jumping up and down the star and laughing my butt off.


  1. Coffee Addict,thank you for sharing these lovely photos.
    What large pieces of yummy cakes,here in the UK about 1/2 the size,love to have tried the chocolate one! Ida

  2. Thank you Ida, I hope I could give my readers just a little glimpse of this lovely town. And the cakes were divine! And they cost like nothing, we spent less than 10 euros.