Monday, March 28, 2011

Bed jacket a la Hugh Hefner

I finally put together all the photos so I could do a post on the bed jacket I mentioned here.
The fabric for this jacket was actually a blanket I bought in Ikea for 7 €. It's such a lovely polka dot print and the fabric is extremely soft. There was enough fabric to make a double sided jacket. As a result it's now quite warm and soft on both sides. when I tried it on my cousin jokingly said I look like Hugh Hefner and the jacked was promptly dubbed The Hugh Hefner bed jacket. Truth be told it is a bit flamboyant but I love it and most importantly it serves its function: I wear it in bed when I read.
I went all out and did the piping on the collar, sleeves and pockets. I sewed a loop and strings to tie from the inside and a large snap button on the outside. I applied piping on the belt as well and made belt loops.

The belt loops can be done by machine. It's really easy. Start with a straight stitch with a very short stitch setting.

Make a nice long stitch rope.

Change the setting from straight to zig zag stitch.

Run the rope through the machine a couple of times to get the desired thickness. The rope has to be held taut to prevent it from slipping from under the needle. Alternately you could sew onto a tracing paper and simply discard the paper afterwards.

All that's left now is to cut it up and attach it to the jacket.

Ta da!


  1. The jacket looks great. You are great to be able to do clothes yourself. I am walking straight to my hall of shame..

  2. Mette: My goal in posting my projects isn't to invoke guilt in others but rather to inspire. I've always been passionate about crafts and I am very good at it, not because I've been sewing all my life, but because it makes me happy. I believe people excel at things they love to do.

  3. Beautiful colour suits you so well. Ida