Friday, March 4, 2011

A nifty scarf styling technique

I love scarves. I have a passion for all foulards, carrés, shawls,... and have quite an extensive collection. Nothing say feminine and chic more than a scarf elaborately tied around a woman's neck.
Here is one of my favourite ways to wear a scarf in the spring time. You require a coat and a long shawl. It has to be very light weight, think chiffon or satin silk, anything bulkier won't work.
I'm using a large square scarf folded diagonally.

04. 03. 2011 1

Turn up your coat's collar and place the scarf around it. I like to place mine slightly asymmetrically.

04. 03. 2011 2

Now take the end of scarf and push it through the top buttonhole from the outside in.

04. 03. 2011 3

Continue weaving the scarf through the buttonholles until you reach the bottom buttonhole.

04. 03. 2011 4

Turn the collar back down, making sure the scarf isn't peeking out from underneath and adjust both ends. I usually pin a brooch on the lapel or collar.

04. 03. 2011 5

If you're feeling a bit creative, here's another option. I made a basic loop with the other end and pinned it to the coat with the brooch.

04. 03. 2011 6

04. 03. 2011 7

It works for notched lapel collars as well.

04. 03. 2011 8


  1. Hey, this is a totally new idea for wearing a scarf for me! Brilliant. So practical as well; won´t be caught by the wind ( we are having a windy day today)!!

  2. Thanks Metscan. I love this technique because it's so original, I get annoyed seeing women wearing their scarves tied the same way.

  3. Hi Coffeeaddict,just popped over from Metscan' pleased I did! Clever you how original off to try it way to go. Ida

  4. Dear Ida, thanks so very much for your super kind comment! It really made my day.

  5. Wow, that looks really good! I'll have to try it.

  6. Dear Ellie, if you do decide to try it, post a link to your photo!