Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's spring time

And everyone is anxious to get a piece of the action! These pictures were taken Friday afternoon. It was surprisingly warm and everyone was outside: children playing football, parents with strollers, people walking their dogs.

This delightful group of elderly men sitting on a park bench is too adorable for words. It gives me great joy to live in a town where public parks and recreation areas are still used to the full extent and haven't been overrun buy thugs spraying graffiti all over.


  1. I love the photo of the men on the bench - love that the one fellow has his hand on his friend's head!

    Just found your blog over from Passage des perles, and I liked your comment.

  2. I so love people who come over and check my blog. And yes, these guys are adorable.
    I checked out your profile on blogger too. Bouvet Island? Must be quite a drive to the near by store to fetch the groceries ;-P

  3. Yes, those old men are too adorable for words! I love little old men, they're amusing. I wonder what on earth they were chatting about.

  4. Kalee: No idea what they were talking about, probably just casual conversation about life, the weather and football ;-)
    I do love the level of camaraderie, how close to one another they're sitting and one guy even placed his hand on another's head.