Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY and leftovers/2 Makeup bag

I made this little makeup bag as a birthday present for a very dear friend of mine. And though technically this isn't leftover fabric, it's a project that requires less than half a metre of fabric that could easily have come from my leftover stash.
Since the makeup bag is a present, I wanted to use a special fabric so I picked some embroidered / sequined tulle and some cotton sateen.

This little bag couldn't be easier to make. I cut four rectangles cca. 20 x 15 cm. Layered the tulle on the outer two rectangles and zig zag stitched in place.

I interlined it with some leftover purple fleece. I decided to make a tiny pocket on the lining and then I sewed the lining pieces separately.
I attached the zipper to the outer pieces of the bag and sewed the edges together.

The lining was hand sewed onto the zipper. And that's it.

The finished make up bag measures approximately 18 x 12 cm and could easily serve as an evening bag as well.


  1. Your friend is a lucky one! The fabric is a beautiful one and you demonstrated well how it was done.
    How about monogramming it?

  2. Mette: You are absolutely right about that! To be hones, I was considering hand emroidering the bag but when I saw this tulle fabic I opted for the 'easier' version.

  3. Cute project! Good job!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I really appreciate it, especially about wearing clothes that sometimes break the rules! When it's cold, I definitely bundle up! Turtlenecks are indeed the best for that!

  4. This is beautiful! I would love to know how to make something like this, but sadly, sewing zippers scares me! How lucky your friend is!

  5. Kalee: I used to dread zippers! I've gotten over it by practicing, making many many errors along the way (I love my seam ripper!).
    If you're serious about learning to sew, even just the basics, I recommend it's an open source sewing community with tons of patterns and sewing techniques. That's how I got started.
    So glad to have you as a follower!