Saturday, December 31, 2011

See you on the other side

As I say goodbye to 2011 doing a little mental summary of the 12 months that whizzed by (as they always do) I can only say that it's been a good year. No I didn't win the lottery and my problems didn't magically solve themselves...
I have no great desires for 2012. I place no particular meaning on the celebration of new year. For me it isn't the chance to start over.
My hopes for 2012?
Pretty boring stuff, really. I hope:
  1. The price of coffee doesn't go up ;-P
  2. To be able to afford new light switches for our apartment.
  3. Finish some sewing projects, I've had around since October.
  4. To read more books then I did in 2011.
As for resolutions, I haven't made any. There's been a last minute change of plans for tonight. Instead of spending it alone at home, we're going to my cousin's house for a very casual gathering.

Thank you all for reading my blog, for commenting. For your kindness and encouragement. I feel so privileged and grateful.

Happy 2012!


  1. I think I'm the opposite with regards to new year's day. It's my favorite of all the winter holidays! It's partly because of the whole sense of renewal thing, but also, I think, because it marks the end of the holiday season which I find so stressful.

  2. Maybe I have seen too many New Years but I never make new Year resolutions...I know I will not keep them!!!

    I dislike this time of year black dog is back on my shoulder just want to creep under the bed clothes & disappear.

    That cannot happen we have an invite to a dinner party,so a smile, and my elm dress is called for.

    I shall be an outsider looking on with a stupid smile plastered over my face.

    I hope you do not mind me letting my angst out coffeeaddict on your blog....I don't wish to spoil your evening.

    Can't promise the price of coffee won't go up,but am sure the rest are very achievable for you.

    Wishing you and Mr C a very Happy,Healthy,Prosperous New Year 2012 Ida xx

  3. Ms. M: The end of the stressful holiday season part is definitely a big bonus. I've been hearing rockets and fireworks and loud music all day long. I can't wait for it to be over.

    ida: I make mid year resolutions ;-) As for the socially awkward situations I can definitely relate. There have been occasions when I just wanted to run away and hide...
    I wish you and your family a very happy new year!

  4. Have a nice and cosy evening at your cousin´s.
    Your hopes are reasonable.
    I dislike New Year´s Eve celebrating, for reasons I explained yesterday.
    However, starting a new calendar is refreshing, and throwing the old one away is just as fine.
    I too wish you a very Good New Year!

  5. Happy New Year! A productive one for all of us, I hope!
    I'm with you on the coffee, couldn't live without last vice....

  6. Mette: We've just returned from an invigorating walk. It feels so incredibly refreshing to be able to wake up after a pleasant party where the focus wasn't drinking but rather great company and stimulating conversation. Enjoy your day!

    Claire: I wish you a happy, successful 2012. I hope it brings many new challenges and triumphs :-)

  7. Hello Ana: Please visit my blog. An award is waiting for you!

  8. Susan: Even the number 2012 sounds and looks better than 2011. I hope it brings are prosperity, new opportunities and luck. It is the year of the Dragon after all :-)