Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ljubljana in the fog

Contrary to appearance, this isn't snow but a thick, heavy fog. Last week I had to go to Ljubljana and I thought I'd make some pictures of the Christmas decorations.
I gave up after realizing my camera was determined to capture the fog rather than anything else.

The two miserable pictures I did take are of the Cobblers' bridge. You can even see some red ribbon and green wreaths on top of the light posts in the second picture.


  1. I like what I see. I like the fact, that the Christmas decorations are so minimal ( at least in these pictures ).
    The green wreaths are enough for me. Thank you!

  2. Mette: In general it isn't too kitschy. There are some lights on the trees and over some of the streets resembling constellations and galaxies. I'll try and get more pictures next time :-)

  3. Now this really is some foggy weather! On our way home from Lower Austria this evening I asked Mr Paula, why someone would want to grow old in a country with weather like that (ours is quite like yours).

  4. Paula: Crazy weather really. Don't remember anything like it in the past years. But your question is a valid one. I wonder how people make a conscious decision to live in the most desolate places in the world, like Greenland or Alaska.

  5. I love the pictures. And I would be one of those people choosing to live in the most desolate place in the world. I'm often hot in California, and get annoyed with the relentless sun. I love to be cold and miss wearing coats, sweaters, turtle neck tops, boots, tights and mittens. We can rarely wear those things here.

  6. Susan: I love the old world charm of wearing coats and boots and accompanying myriad of accessories: gloves, mitts, stoles and muffs. There is such elegance in wearing these things properly. Also December is the time of year when I meet friends in posh tea houses in the old part of town, which brings with it a certain nostalgia as well as sophistication.