Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas 2011/ December plan and the basics of decorating

By now we're well into December, the most festive season of the year. Most people, if they haven't put up Christmas decorations are at least starting to think about what to put up this season. The same goes for the list of presents, people to visit, treats to bake...

I like to wait until we're well into the first week of December before decorating. On the other hand I like to make my gift list early. Really, really early. As far as baking goes, each year is different. I like to avoid baking cookies, probably because all of my apartments have had small kitchens and trying to bake cookies in a small kitchen is a big nightmare. Wanna seem my kitchen/living area? I did a post about renovating ages ago here.

Yesterday Mr. C brought out our big Christmas box from the basement. I got up early today and after the first morning coffee I started the daunting task of pulling all the ornaments out. I generally have a very good memory of the things I own, the things I bought etc. But this year it really hit me: I've got a lot of Christmas ornaments. Too many really. I'm imposing a ban on new ornaments, effective immediately.

Not really the best time to surf Ikea's homepage though:

Ikea textile Christmas decorations

My wreath is about 7 years old. I made it one year after getting tired of running to the market each year at the last notice to buy some greenery (my mum unlike me, likes to put things off till last minute).

This wreath is made of dry nuts or some exotic fruit shells. I died some of them with gold paint and used glitter on some pine cones. All that was left is to buy a wreath base made out of birch branches and hot glue gun the dry shells on to it. It felt like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Very fun and relaxing actually.
Each year I pack it away in January and bring it out the following December. It's practically indestructible and still very interesting after all these years.

Here we go! I've put the wreath on our front door. Come back Wednesday to see the rest of the Christmas decorations :-)


  1. You have already, at a very young age, created Christmas traditions! The wreath, the box with the decorations, all the chores connected to the big feast.
    I had a wicker basket for the decorations for years and years. Something happened, I wanted to get rid of all unpleasant. My decluttering began.
    I think, that the phase you are in, is a necessary one. You need to make your own traditions, no need to follow your mother.
    Then, lots of years later, you might/might not find yourself in the phase I am: Breaking all traditions ; )!!

  2. Mette: As a rule mum and me get along spectacular in these things. The year in question was part of a transition in our relationship. I started taking on a bit more responsibilities and it takes time to communicate and get used to changes. Now mum knows, I like to have my list of Christmas chores well in advance ;-)
    As for tradition, I simplify things every year. I used to go to great lengths to control every aspect and by Christmas eve I was exhausted and cranky. Taking it easier every year :-D

  3. I see what you mean about those Ikea ornaments :).

    The wreath is beautiful. I really love it. Have thought of putting some of the ornaments you don't need for sale in your Etzy store?

  4. Susan:I'm holding on to them partially because I hope to one day have a house with a living area big enough for an enormous tree where I could hang all of the ornaments I've accumulated over the years. A sort of a symbolic gesture of the journey taken to get to that point in life where it will feel I have arrived :-)

  5. I procrastinate my decorating >.< and when I do finally do it, I don't do much and what I DO do... is...quirky ;) lol

    And yes...I too have too many decorations, especially for someone who doesn't decorate with much >.< I was going to go through my tubs and sort everything out and donate a bunch ( as in at least half) but all the thrift shops in the area are not currently accepting donations so anything I sort out would just sit in boxes in my hall for who knows how long >.<

  6. Cindy: Thanks :-D I love that it's still holding together after 6 years.

    Skye: I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping Saturday and almost bough two more boxes of ornaments. Gave myself a mental slap after remembering how many ornaments I have!

  7. I have a TON of ornaments and I think if all goes well with the cats this year, we'll put up two trees.

  8. Lori: I'm always telling people just what an enormous responsibility it is to welcome a pet into their lives...and how any things have to be adapted. I don't regret a single thing: plastic ornaments, no potted plants, ridiculously high vet bills. It's all worth it! Because in the end, Rufus meowing at the top of his lungs when he hears me entering our apartment building trumps it all :-)