Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stop and smell the roses...

Life's a bit hectic right now...I had such a great plan to show you some handmade gift ideas this week. Instead you'll have to settle for this fella who knows how to take a load off, relax and enjoy the holidays even if everything didn't get done.


  1. Is this a garden elf? Heh.
    Believe it or not - Christmas will come and go, without any special arrangements!

  2. Some gardeners' fill their plots with garden gnomes as they are called over here.

    Still no sign of Christmas at the Ida to relax with a cup of tea as you kindly suggested,why not join me? Ida

  3. Mette: yes, my step dad makes them. It was somethimg he always wanted to do once he retired.

    Ida: just sat down for a cup of coffee :-)
    Christmas decorations are just one tiny fraction of the holiday season, right?
    As for gnomes, my mum insisted step dad makes some female gnomes as well so the guys wont be lonely ;-)