Friday, December 30, 2011

Ljubljana in December

Ljubljana castle
The traditional meet and greet before the end of another year customarily takes place in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Most of the time this means a visit to Ljubljana, see the decorations, have a cup of mulled wine and take a quick look around Christmas fair, maybe even buy a trinket or two.

Cobblers' bridge
Yesterday I met a friend at noon on  The Cobbler's bridge for a cup of coffee/tea at the Tea House. Since today was less foggy than a few weeks ago I took this opportunity to take some pictures.

River Ljubljanica

Prešeren's square with The Franciscan Church
And then I did something I haven't done in 18 years: I visited The Franciscan Church and saw the nativity scene the monks place behind the main altar every year.

Christmas ornaments with the statue of Prešeren in the background
Their nativity scene is one of the top three most revered and acknowledged ones in Slovenia and many come from all parts of the country to see it every year.

Prešeren's square and The Three bridges
Most come for the mulled wine and Christmas fair...

Nativity scene in The Franciscan Church
I skipped the fair and the wine. I have no need for either.


  1. What a beautiful city! Thanks for sharing these pictures. (BTW, you won un cadeau over at my blog...) Happy New Year!

  2. déjà pseu: Thanks! I sent you a private message with my mailing address as well, I hope you got it.

  3. Ljubljana has a special atmosphere, which you managed to capture well in your pictures.
    There is something Russian in it. The buildings look different from the ones west from Finland. It looks clean, not crowded at all. Very special and beautiful.
    Over here the - between time- is very commercial. People meet each other in a hurry before the two big feasts.
    New Year´s Eve is unfortunately all about celebrating ( alcohol ) over here, so we spend it in a quiet way at home.
    Once again, lots of domestic work at Hagalund.

  4. Mette: New Year's Eve is my least favourite celebration of the year. Mainly because it always feels like a race to the bar and who'll get more drunk faster than the rest, throw up and scream obscenities,... We're staying put, we'll watch a movie and eat a quiet dinner. Nothing fancy, it may even be something as mundane as a sandwich ;-)

  5. Dear Ana, I've been buried (still am) since the day after Christmas doing bookeeping for ourselves and my clients, Q4 wrap-up to estimate taxes, and haven't been to get online. Sorry to get so behind on your posts. Ljubljana is very beautiful and I would have loved to visit that nativity scene in the church.

  6. Susan: That's okay. Work absolutely holds priority. I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration. :-)

  7. The city looks beautiful! We don't have old buildings like that here in Wisconsin.

  8. Kelly: Ljubljana was built on the ruins of an old Roman city which means this site has been inhabited at least for 2000 years. Very old :)

  9. I really like Ljubljana. :-) Especially the river Ljubljanica makes a special atmosphere in the city!