Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happiness comes in many boxes

We all know them: the little trinkets that cost next to nothing but they make us incredibly happy. Whether it's because they fulfill a certain purpose in our household or are there simply for their intrinsic beauty.

As a rule I tend to gravitate towards uniform posts featuring one item/subject at a time. However this has been one of those busy weeks when everything just collided.
First, my new helium balloon:

If you've read Tuesday's post then this comes as no surprise. The lovely teddy with the heart is an anniversary gift from Mr. C. No there was no little box or a gift certificate with it. It would seem the longer we're together, the less fuss we make in terms of grand gestures and lavish gifts.
The only people who are disappointed are the merchants really. They get no money from us ;-P

This tiny girl was a present from a friend who recently returned from China. She wears a traditional costume of one of the many Chinese minorities. She'll probably be used as a Christmas ornament this year.

The December Burda magazine is out and I nabbed it hot off the delivery truck. Pictured is the dress I wanted to make. I blogged about it here. Realistically this probably won't be before January. December is always crazy and lots of other DIY projects hold priority.
I was absolutely smitten with the shoes the model is wearing. They are actually ballet flats in red satin from Repetto.

And finally, the jewellery boxes I ordered about a month ago arrived in the post yesterday. Super happy about it, now all my jewellery will be packed, labeled with the Lili & Flor logo.
This is starting to look professional.


  1. ooh, I can't wait to see you work on and finish that dress. So very pretty!

  2. Great things, all of them : )
    Mr.C is so considerate. And your friends are darlings to bring you gifts.
    Actually the ballet flats of satin - red- look interesting with the nude color of the dress. I´m also waiting to see your dress in January.
    You are right, the boxes make your business professional-like : )

  3. Vanessa: Yes, Burda really nailed this one :-)

    Mette: Mr. C is a sweetheart :-) I made him brownies and we went out for diner. Very casual, nothing fancy.

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  5. Happy Anniversary again!

    I love the jewel boxes with your logo. Very nice design.

    I didn't even know Burda had a magazine.

    I'm off to spend the weekend in the California wine country, at the Bishop's Ranch in Healdsburg, with 10 of my church girlfriends but I'll check in again early next week.

  6. Susan: That's not necessary a bad thing ;-) Over the years I've spent a hefty sum on the Burda magazines.
    Here's a link to their German site with sneak previews of upcoming issues, free pattern downloads and their regular collection:
    And this is the spin off open source Burda portal, based in NYC:

    I wish you a very happy sojourn in the wine country :-D

  7. I need to check out this Burda site! Mmm...Repetto shoes are delicious!

    Your packaging is fantastic! Love it!

  8. Amy: Hi & thanks for hopping over :-)
    Just a word of caution: Burda sites are addictive!