Monday, December 12, 2011

Happiness comes in a box: Gift labels

We all know them: the little trinkets that cost next to nothing but they make us incredibly happy. Whether it's because they fulfill a certain purpose in our household or are there simply for their intrinsic beauty.

My Christmas gift labels make me so happy it's beyond words. Each year I had the darnedest time coming up with ways to tag my gifts. Mind you this is before Etsy and similar places existed and bookstores sold gift card at astronomical prices.

I stumbled upon these boxes about 4 years ago in an obscure store somewhere "in the country". I think I bough their entire stock cca. 8 boxes. Each box has a 100 stickers. I think I solved my sticky problem for a long time to come ;-P


  1. I envy you and your boxes! I am known as the black sheep in the family - my gifts come with no labels or if so, then it's post-its! terrible, I know!

  2. See from your photo your hair is much longer,love the red coat very seasonal.

    Have been browsing your posts like your wreath & colourful decorations...I have just found my box of decorations..opened the lid took one look and closed it,ha,ha...far too much else to do the house still has a long way to go before it becomes a home.
    Hope your start to the new week is going well. Ida

  3. Are you planning to use these on your Etsy shop Christmas time packages as well?
    You sure have a lot of them, and they are so cute.
    My MIL never has approved gift labels. She wants to give the gifts in person. Her opinion is, that the name of the giver must not be wrote down, as children start to compare who gave what, etc.. ;)
    So, since she has spent so many xmasses with us, I gave up the labels to avoid conflict.
    And now, when we are all adults, and there are only very few gifts shared, the labels are no longer needed. Sigh.

    P.S. What´s with the new outlook of the blogger? The profile picture looks STRANGE ?

  4. Paula: I really hit gold with this lot ;-) I remeber using cut out pieces of paper one year...

    ida: the photo is old, my hair is still short. I used this one, because it's seasonaly appropriate. The coat is bright magenta, it's featured in this post:

  5. Mette: That's a great idea :-) In our family, the gifts are placed under the tree and on Christmas Eve, after dinner the youngest or the oldest member of the family distributes them. That's why labels are essential. It's also traditional that the presents remain under the tree and people who come visit during the holidays have to come collect the presents.

  6. Yes, distribution rules! The excitement of the youngest niece, whirling around is one of the nicest memories. :-)

    And after some time everbody helps distributing except opi and omi.

  7. That's a lot of gift labels!

    What I usually do is make mine from the gift wrapping paper.

  8. Paula: I let Mr. C do the distributing, though being the youngest the job falls to me :-)

    Susan: We all use them, it makes for a very cohesive look. In the past four years we've used up an entire box, but thinking back I think I gave away some of them to people who liked them. I cannot stress enough, but things like these are hard to come by in Slovenia at a decent price.

  9. I love the labels. I'm one of those people who enjoys the wrapping more than the gift itself. :) So I love selecting wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and labels.

    Those types of labels are very easy to find around here. But I still consider them "special" because my family never used them when we were growing up.

  10. Ms. M: I love the whole process of selecting gifts and wrapping them. I have a whole box of paper, ribbons, stickers, decorative stones,... This year as part of my plan to downsize my stash, I'm using up all the paper I've accumulated over the years.