Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011/ Wrapping presents

I'm finally done with all of my gift wrapping.

This year's colour scheme: green and turquoise. I though I'd mix it up a bit and steer clear of the traditional forest green and red.

As a rule I stick with a uniform look, but this year I deliberately used as many decorations I could think of to give my lovely readers as many ideas as possible:

polymer clay beads, satin string and organza ribbon

glass mosaic

snowflake made of beads and wire
I even made ribbons out of leftover bits of wrapping paper.

It couldn't be easier, just cut strips out wrapping paper. Create a loop out of each strip using some sellotape. Then stack the loops together and staple them.

Again with the crazy beads:

And finally, this is a jewellery pouch I made specially for an Etsy customer who bought one of my necklaces.

I made it big enough to double as a clutch :-)

Are you done with your gift wrapping?


  1. I just finished wrapping today myself! I did simple gold/white and blue/white - love double-sided wrapping paper!
    You've done a wonderfully creative job!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Your wrapping is so charming! I love that you chose a color scheme outside of the traditional red/green.

  3. My favorite is the glass mosaic!

    I'm still shopping for gifts! I'm way behind. The next few days are going to be busy, busy, busy.

  4. Kathy: Double yay for double side wrapping paper! I particularly like the floral/ striped combination for birthday gifts.
    Merry Christmas to you too.

    déjà pseu: I'm in a nonconformist mood this year ;-) no tree, no baking, no eggnog, no traditional wrapping paper...

  5. Crafter's Delights: Thanks! This year's mid 2011 resolution was not to buy anything DIY related, so I'm coming up with ways to wrap presents that doesn't include shopping for supplies.

    Ms. M: And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.
    Merry Christmas

  6. First I thought "hm, a posting on wrapping gifts"?!
    But this is more! It's beautiful.

    People who say those gifts are all just a part of a capitalistic sham and not about Christmas spirit have no clue!

    I love the beads best. Time for a hot glue gun around here. Tonights it's gift wrapping time for me.

  7. Paula: It never is and never was about the (expensive)'s about the time and effort invested in selecting something that will make the giftee smile and it's about taking the time and wrapping it carefully :-)

  8. I admire you for taking so much care of gift wrapping. The packages look so nice and original, and you have really paid attention to detail.
    As for me, I hardly even have wrapping paper ever, I buy the stuff when I need it, or have the gifts wrapped in the shop.

  9. Mette: There was a time when I got them wrapped at the store too but kept buying the wrapping supplies too.
    I suppose looking back on this year it was all about clearing up the excess stash from beads, to fabric as well as wrapping paper :-)

  10. I love your wrapping...the colors...and where do you find such beautiful glass?

  11. Same here had all my gifts wrapped in store.
    You are such a multi talented woman awesome. Ida

  12. MrsLittleJeans: the glass shards were bought at a DIY store about a decade ago. It's supposed to be sea glass but I'm convinced it's just glass thrown into a tumbler to smooth the rough edges and passed off as sea glass.

    ida: thanks! I really believe in DIY (not just ornaments and jewellery). It's one way of teaching people the value of things, the importance of patience and hard work