Monday, January 2, 2012

A quiet start of the year

Vrhnika: Football field with a track on the left, kindergarden on the right

January 1st is always a most welcome day of the year. After all the noise, the fireworks and loud music from the New Year's Eve celebrations the quiet that follows is almost deafening yet refreshing.
Most people are staying in and nursing their hangover so taking a midday walk almost always feel like a walk through ghost town.

 River Ljubljanica

jewellery pliers

Mr Santa brought me some jewellery pliers. In terms of gender roles and the dividing line between male and female it's still very funny to have more pliers than a guy despite the obvious fact that I do really really need and use all of these when making jewellery.

Latest jewellery project


  1. Happy New Year to you!
    I like your new pliers. I could not imagine bending the wires without the right plier.
    Last year Mr Paula and I visited a frozen lake in Villach, this year, since staying in Vienna, we snuggled on the couch and watched 'As it is in Heaven.' And ate tons of applestrudel. Ok, not tons but 2. Not 2 servings but 2 actual strudels!!

  2. I like to walk outside when there are as few people as possible on the roads. The best times are, when it is raining or snowing = in a dog weather. And how great to come inside to the warmth.
    Your pliers remind those of my hb´s, only your´s are smaller.
    I admire you for having the patience of doing the small jewelry.

  3. Paula: We had potica for New Year's Eve :-) Happy and successful 2012!

    Mette: Yes, the pliers are very small, some of them are actually quite robust for jewellery making. Solitary walks on rainy days are good for the soul...

  4. You are so right about that quiet that settles over on New Year's Day. I actually had to work, and when I drove downtown (in my small town) there was almost NO ONE out and about. Of course, they probably were all inside staying out of the approaching blizzard and watching football.

  5. Vanessa: I have a friend who welcomes days at the office during major holidays. The quiet environment is great for getting a huge amount of work done, he says and I have to agree.

  6. We have the same situation here walking through the "ghost town" version of San Francisco Decemeber 31, the day of New Year's Eve. It was starting to get busy just as we were ready to head back home...

    Your new pliers look nifty.

  7. Susan: Been using the new pliers. It takes some time to get used to them. Ghost town is gone, people are back at work, cars rushing past, the silence has been replaced by sounds I'm accustomed to.