Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are you a "we person"?

I'll be the first to admit freely that I often use the word we. We think, we feel, we want... As if my partner and I were a unified entity. And I also confess it irks me when Mr. C uses I instead of we when he talks about certain decisions or plans that most certainly concern us both.

Despite all of this we business I retain a firm grasp on my individual expression of self. Despite planning as a couple we both remain two different people. We have different hobbies, listen to different music, sometimes (though not often) have completely different points of view.
And this being my blog, there will always be only my picture in the profile. I may or may not feature Mr. C on my blog, on my Facebook profile and anywhere else on the Internet.
How do you feel about people who post profile photos that feature the blogger and their partner? Some might even think it's appropriate to use a photo where they are either hugging or kissing their boyfriends/girlfriends or being otherwise affectionate.


  1. I was happy to hear that I was not the only one with a number of different tastes compared to my husband...and yet, we are very much together in different spaces often! I would be ok to post his picture but he does not like it. I think once I snuck a picture of him and he could not refuse because the object was really the kitty not him. Have a wonderful day! x

  2. Well, I placed a picture of my hb on my blog, and asked him " afterwards " how he felt about it. He smiled and said, that he got two compliments. So, I think that he was actually pleased ; ).
    In general, I always ask my near ones, if it is ok, if I mention them in my blog in some connection.
    But, as you mentioned, your blog is your´s and my blog is mine.
    Maybe I use the " I " more than the " we ". Maybe, because I only have the right to rule about myself?
    What an interesting subject!

  3. Yes, we're peas of a pod and say "we" a lot, and yes, I have posted pictures of Martin with his permission. I always ask first. We do have different hobbies but actually share some hobbies, e.g., cooking and sewing.

  4. MrsLittleJeans: Mr. C doesn't mind me posting his pics nor do my friends, but my policy has always been my blog, my responsibility and once the photos are out there it's out of my hands. I decided early on to posts pictures of me and Mr. C and Rufus of course.

    Mette: I was very surprised to see you featuring your husband. Pleasantly surprised :-)

    Susan: After seeing Martin's shirt I wished you guys lived closer so I could come over for sewing lessons!

  5. I only post photos of my partner and I on facebook and never on my blog since I have the same view with you. The blog is mine with my own hobbies and thoughts and I like to keep it that way. I actually don't even like to put photos of myself on the blog. My profile photos will always be something obscure or something people cannot really see. I think it's because I want to keep the blog about my hobbies and not necessarily about me.

    1. I like the idea of keeping the focus on the hobbies but I also like to include a bit of background info so readers know there's a real person on the other side.
      I don't really care much for the bloggers who go to great lengths to maintain an air of mystery. On the other hand over sharing is off putting. I guess that makes me Goldilocks ;-P