Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday night film selection: Hearts in Atlantis

I've been having an Antony Hopkins movie marathon for the past week or so. I've also been feeling very uninspired to scout out new films instead I prefer to rewatch old favourites. My brain has been on sensory overload and watching a familiar plot, listen to the same dialogue while casually working on some jewellery is my version of R&R.
Hearts in Atlantis is a beautifully fluid, nostalgia evoking narrative based on a novella by Stephen King. Therefore the presence of paranormal elements are no surprise. As is often the case with King's work, the story is centred around a young boy Bobby living in a quiet, sleepy neighbourhood where nothing ever happens.
Between his strenuous relationship with his self-involved mother and his two best friends life seems almost idyllic. The routine is interrupted by the arrival of an elderly, enigmatic new tenant Mr. Brautigan. Mr. Brautigan shows a great interest in Bobby and the two quickly develop a meaningful and trustworthy relationship.
Amid all this Bobby is dealing with his mother's lack of affection, the town bullies and the mysterious dark strangers who threaten his new friend.
Ultimately this is just another coming of age film. What makes it worth watching is the flow of the narrative, the super photography with rich warm colours of the background. And since I'm a fan of the genre I love the occult elements in a seemingly innocent environment, the whole evil lurking in the shadows concept.


  1. I am sold...I have to put this on my netflix list. I too like reviewing films...I have done some 5 or 6 times, and each time it feels a little different. Enjoy the weekend. I just found out that I have reached my photo limit on the blogger!! xx

  2. MrsLittleJeans: Have a nice weekend :-)
    I never knew there was a blogger photo limit! Can you raise it or something?

  3. Yes, I just raised it. Apparently blogger photos are stored to Picasaweb and so I bought 20 MB of space for $5. I think this is a new thing. Have a nice weekend!

  4. That wintry street photo reminds me of a number of streets in Albany, NY where I attended college and started my family in the late 70s. I recently read King's memoir and was really moved by his story. Martin tried reading it too and couldn't finish -- too close to home. If you read it and re-watch The Shining you'll get the creeps, trust me. It seems writing horror gave King a way to access and gain some iota of control over the dark side of himself and people in his life. Knowing this makes it hard for me to re-watch the films.

  5. MrsLittleJeans: Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to look into this too.

    Susan: I'm interested in seeing The Shining TV mini series. Though not artistically equivalent to Kubrick's work, it's much more accurate.

  6. One of the best movies I´ve seen!!! Saw it again some weeks ago. Just wonderful and just a magical!!

  7. Flowermouse Design: :-D I'm always, always interested in what other people think about the movies I feature. Mostly because I'm really into non mainstream stuff and it's hard to find people who find the same films interesting.