Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making earrings for a change

Remember the Virtual Craft Show post? The bracelet I made specially for that event has since been shipped to India. What's more I was also one of the lucky winners. I received a special bead kit mix.
Last week the highly anticipated package from Michelle Mach arrived.

Lots of cool blues, clear glass and crystal and silver metal beads... basically my favourite beads to work with.

I've been playing with the beads over this weekend and as it turns out made more earrings in a row than ever before. I find it hardest to work on earrings. Very difficult to come up with interesting and wearable designs.

The ones made with recycled glass rondelles are by far my favourites.

This necklace is made from components from all over the world. I used frosted glass beads, blue focal and metal spacers from Michelle's kit and added hematites I bought in Montenegro three years ago and a clasp I ordered from the UK.

And finally, since I was doing so well with the earrings, another ancient components from my stash: a pair of spiral shells combined with emerald green glass beads.

The shells were never meant to be used as jewellery components because they had no holes for stringing. Since that has never stopped me before I bought them anyway and drilled the holes myself. Anything can be used as a jewellery component :-)


  1. Pretty things. I like the tear drop, snowflake, recycled glass and seashell earrings very much.

  2. I like the recycled glass ones a lot...great photography! : )

  3. Lucky girl! You made some really fun stuff too -- I also love the recycled glass earrings, but you know I'm a wire-wrapper, so I'm digging the necklace too!

  4. Susan: Thanks. Earrings are always highly coveted items but I make so few of them for reason I mentioned in the post. I'm really happy with how these turned out.

    MrsLittleJeans: Photographing them was difficult because the glass glared in the pics. This picture work because I was literally hovering over them blocking the sunlight.

    Heidi: The necklace is special to me because all the components really came from different sources.

  5. So you´ve been working on jewelry: )
    The recycled glass rondelles and the shell earrings, the not so " obvious " materials are my favorites. More of such, if I may express my wish.
    Unfortunately, anything hanging from my own ears, is not " me " though. But I like them on other people.

  6. Mette: I'm growing very fond of the not obvious components myself :-)

  7. Like the sea shells,think they might be heavy on the ears? Ida

  8. ida: actually they aren't that heavy, though from the photo they might look like it. Very misleading shells indeed ;-)

  9. I really love the recycled glass earrings, and would wear them myself. Unfortunately I am not very patient and would find making these very challenging. However, I imagine it must be very rewarding to produce and wear your own designs.

  10. My Spotty Pony: You and the other readers will hear this from me over and over, creating jewellery or sewing is my version of a relaxation technique. I zone out completely, enjoying the peaceful time, going through my beads and pairing components together, usually watching an episode of Poirot for the umpteenth time ;-)
    Dubarry certainly made my heart beat faster. I've been pinning over Barbour for ages as well. When the time is right...