Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011/ The aftermath

Christmas weekend at my parents' house is a quiet affair marked by the calm and reassuring sequence of events that we've been repeating year after year. Some traditions have been with us longer, even passed on from previous generations.

Like the fact that we decorate the tree just hours before Christmas dinner, the nativity is placed under or next to the tree on moss my parents picked in the woods several weeks before. The presents have all been put under the tree for the briefest time before we took them back and unwrapped them.

On the menu: fondue. A tradition we've had going for 16 or 17 years. I've lost count. But definitely not a traditional Slovene Christmas dinner. This is also the third year in a row we've unanimously skipped fancy clothes and opted for our weekend casual outfits.

Presents are opened after dinner and before dessert. Since I'm the youngest the task of distributing them falls on me. I've delegated this duty to Mr C years ago.

Our Christmas celebration is a mix of old and new. Traditional and unconventional. And as blasphemous as it may be for some we even played cards. Like we do every time Mr C and me stay with my parents over the weekend. Sinful or not, I prefer it to watching TV.

How did you spend your Christmas?


  1. Merry christmas and so lovely to read about your celebrating!!!

  2. I love the fact that your family has Christmas traditions that don't follow the "normal" just what works for you. We decided a few years ago to just have snackie stuff on Christmas Day, so I didn't have to cook. The kids get to eat anything they want....which means if they want to eat chocolate all day, they can! Glad you all had a great time!

  3. Flowermouse Design: Happy holiday season to you too :-) I always enjoy sharing and reading about how people celebrate important holidays. So many wonderful traditions.

    Shirley: We decided long ago to skip the drama and stress that usually accompany the holidays. And I think your family's no cook on Christmas day ritual is one I can happily adhere to :-) Happy holidays!

  4. It looks like a lovely and quiet celebration. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. That's great your family has a christmas tradition; I envy that! I hope you have a wonderful time for the rest of your holiday!

  6. That is an awesome nativity scene!

    We had a nice Christmas here. It was a big family gathering, not quiet at all; but at least everyone was on their best behavior. :)

  7. déjà pseu: and a very happy, successful New Year to you and your family!

    Crafter's Delights: tradition is something that sneaks up on people :-) A very joyful and peaceful holiday to you too!

    Ms. M: My step dad and his brother made the nativity figurines and the stones were imported from our last seaside vacation ;-)
    Happy holidays!

  8. We had a really quiet Christmas. Dr. M and her´s came over in the afternoon, and in the evening, we retired early.
    Sunday we visited the MIL, and Monday tried to live as normally as possible, despite the lack of electricity.

  9. Your Christmas sounds wonderful. Ours had its beautiful moments but I'm glad it's over, can't really elaborate :).

  10. Mette: yes, I read about the power shortage you had. Must have been extra quiet and relaxing ;-)

    Susan: For me the most difficult part is the week between Christmas and New Year: visiting and meeting with friends and relatives...

  11. I love love love that nativity. Especially the little sheep!
    We play a ton of games with the family on Christmas day, too. Sometimes it gets ridiculously competitive. Happy New Year! Hope it's fantastic.

  12. I do like your family nativity group all the more special as pieces made by your family.

    Always played cards, and charades Christmas day in the evening in the family home.

    The 2 of us spent a quiet Christmas day,and explored the land that goes with our new home on Boxing day.

    I love the old traditions but having been brought up by G/parents mine tended to have been more Victorian/Edwardian tones, some I held to when bringing up my daughter but now mostly just fond memories of how things were in another era.

    Am not sure if you receive BBC 1 tv?...thought of you when watching the new Poirot on Boxing eve. Ida

  13. Oh how lovely that nativity is on the moss.. so pretty. And I do like the fact that you have traditions like the fondue. Looks like a wonderful Christmas. x

  14. Vanessa: Let's hope 2012 will be happy and successful :-)

    ida: Card games in general are considered unholy by the Catholic Church in Slovenia. In the small village my mum lives in they would frown upon us playing cards at Christmas.
    I have no TV, hence no BBC either, but will buy the new season of Poirot from Amazon.
    You must tell more about your new house!

  15. Semi Expat: Welcome to my blog :-D
    Moss is typical for placing nativity scenes in Slovenia. Fondue is not ;-) But what makes Christmas celebration memorable and joyful is our own decision to abolish the rituals and traditions that only make us irritable.

  16. Oooops sorry HP was on ITV!!!

    Trust you are feeling better...the UK also is full of colds/flu so far none in the Ida house. Ida

  17. ida: this is one persistent bug ;-P I have days when I feel perfectly fine and days when I have a severely sore throat and no energy. Zinc tablets do really work though.
    Enjoy your New Year's celebration!