Monday, December 19, 2011

Bits of wisdom

People say travel broadens the mind. Mainly because people like me insist on it in their books. But I have to say I doubt that it is true. On the contrary, I suspect travelling narrows the mind. One becomes so blasé about the wonders of the World...All that ever matters is the people. Not the places.

Dame Celia Westholme, Appointment with Death
NYC August 1998

I suppose I may come off as a a jaded, malcontent cynic for backing this quote on today's bits of wisdom. The thing is, I've grown so tired of people boasting to anyone who will give them five minutes of their time about where they've been and what they've seen.
I'm tired of the social platforms like Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, especially Facebook overrun with photos of every Tom, Dick and Harry:
  1. In front of The Eiffel Tower
  2. In Chinatown NYC
  3. Or the latest it destination: Australia
If I ever have the means, I'll travel to these places for myself alone. And not so that I can have interesting anecdotes up my sleeve for the next cocktail party.

This post is dedicated to my dear friend M, who's finally realizing a lifelong dream to travel over the Atlantic. I wish you many new adventures and unforgettable memories :-)


  1. Well, I can sign this wisdom. Luckily I don´t meet people, who boast about their travels. I´m not encouraging people to tell me these stories.
    But - tired about the blogger? I hope this is just temporary.
    Feeling a bit worried/m.

  2. Mette: No, not tired of blogger :-) In fact being so busy with other things these days, I miss blogging a lot. But I am annoyed with bloggers, facebook and twitter users who only post to boast. Luckily all my readers and the people whose blogs I read are different.

  3. I am content to be in my little corner of the world, am interested in what others share about where they are - I have enjoyed meeting Kindred Spirits! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog and am now your follower:)

  4. Kathy: Hi and welcome to my blog :-)

  5. My pet peeve is when people get "preachy" about the benefits of traveling. Yes, it's important to see other parts of the world and experience different cultures; but people who travel a lot aren't necessarily any more enlightened than people who travel a little. I know a few "world travelers" who would benefit from a quiet, reflective week at home alone.

  6. I know plenty of travelers, and I am green with envy that I can't afford to go on all these magnificent trips. My parents took us on long vacations every summer and sometimes winter when we were growing up that instilled me with a wanderlust that has been utterly unfulfilled as an adult. I just keep going back to California time after time, but I have so many friends there and I do love it. And it's certainly more affordable than going abroad. My one trip to Italy was unforgettable, and if that's the only time I ever leave the US, I'll be glad I have that experience. Thank goodness the internet, and I find this creative community specifically, has brought so many like minds together from all across the globe! And who knows, if I ever do make it across the ocean again, I have friends in Slovenia, Sweden, England, and Germany now :)

    p.s. now that I think about it, I DO have one of those friends. She's so annoyingly smug about it, I've had to hide her on Facebook!

  7. Ms. M: Quiet reflective on!

    Heidi: I travel to Montenegro every couple of years because Mr. C has relatives there. It's not really my favourite choice in the World to continue visiting the same country over and over. But every year I try and visit a different region, a different city and I am constantly amazed by how much is still left to see. Same goes for Slovenia, I love discovering new places in my own country.

  8. If that NYC fountain is the one I think it is, the one with the angel on top, that's my favorite fountain in Central Park. I spent a lot time there in the 70s and 80s, and really miss it sometimes.

    What you say about travel is interesting. I know some world travelers near me who are not familiar with some of the cool neighborhoods in San Francisco. Personally, I think travel is overrated. It's so expensive and stressful. The trip we're taking in the Spring to London and Paris may be our last one if the economy doesn't improve, and it's looking like it may not. But that's ok with us, because there's so much to do here and when we want to travel we can always get in the car and drive someplace new.

  9. Susan: not really sure which fountain this is, unfortunately I have only this one photo (pre-digital era)
    I think our view on travel is similar: you don't have to go across the globe or spend exorbitant amounts of money to experience something memorable.

  10. I travel locally where ever I live because many people come here to the US for vacation. Someday I'll go over there. Jeanne from

  11. Jeanne: Very true, by travelling most people automatically jump to conclusion that it has to be somewhere far far away...

  12. Totally guilty of posting vacation pics... Ahh! I think I just get so inspired by new surroundings that I feel the urge to share it with everyone!

  13. You had me smiling from the first quote; I wondered who might be brave enough to say what I have thought secretly. I am with you. People, stop showing off about the places you have visited, start showing what you have learned. xx

  14. Vanessa: Yes but you also post outfit photos and tutorials and baking recipes and more. My complaint is with people who post once every three months or so and always pictures of destinations. And I totally loved your road trip blog recap, because you made an effort with the photos and the text :-D

    MrsLittleJeans: You'll notice most of my bits of wisdom come from films or TV shows rather than quoting famous people. Very deliberately. I'm fascinated by popular culture and the wisdom that is recycled and upcycled through entertainment business.

  15. Hear.hear MrsLJ,you and coffeeadict have said what most think....I just stay away from the 'show offs'.

    It was the same years ago when people bored you stiff with photos of places they had been! Ida

  16. ida: I'm working up the courage to politely but firmly tell people that I find their attitude offensive.
    I love blogging, I can write it down and people will be sure to read it :-)