Sunday, November 20, 2011


My home for the past year and a half. Though love at first sight, I am one who slowly settles into new surroundings and I'm very prudent in attaching labels before I'm comfortable.
A collage of photos taken in the last 18 months on our various walks in and near Vrhnika:

the woodland path leading up to the old mill with a stream

Japanese mute ducks

The old mill

Holy Trinity Church

en route to Močilnik

woods around Močilnik

Of course I had to include this photo:

home = heart

feeding ducks and nutrias

view from our balcony: autumn

view from our balcony: winter

view from our balcony: early spring

view from our balcony: summer


  1. Hey, these are beautiful pictures. Especially the ones picturing the nature.
    I really don´t know much about Slovenia at all, though I once happened to see a program in TV about your country.
    I had always imagined it belonging to the former USSR. Shame on me.
    But the TV program revealed, that I was totally off the road.
    If only the new buildings ( also here in Finland ) would be built to fit the surrounding landscapes better.
    It could be done, but naturally the expenses would be higher. But yet, for the esthetics..

  2. The area you live in seems must be very close to wooded areas for all those lovely nature photos. Are they within walking distance of your apartment?

  3. Delightful photos of your country....think you were once part of Yugoslavia?

    The 6th & 7th ones look just like our woods around here.

    Are you a country girl at heart? Ida

  4. Mette: The buildings in the last 4 pics are quite old, part of the former socialist regime to build cubes-like structures. Though they at least offer a somewhat uniform look. You should see some of the more modern apartment buildings we have: hideous!

    Jenni: Vrhnika is a small town, part of our capital's suburban area. 5 minutes of brisk walking is enough to get to the nearest forest :-D

    Ida: Yes, a part of Ex-Yugoslavia before that horrible war business. And I'm somewhere in between the city and country girl: I love live near our capital fro all the benefits it offers (culture, shopping, restaurants) but could never live in the strict urban centre. I hate the noise.

  5. Bit baffled by the photo of the Holy Trinity Church has part of it been demolished? and the entrances blocked up? Ida

  6. Ida: Just bad caption, I'm sorry. The photos represent two of the 14 Stations of the Cross. I decided to include this particular photo because I love the composition of the two alcoves with the tree in between.

  7. The trails in the woods remind me of Trieste and the snow on the roofs reminds me of Villach. Funny how a few hundred kilometres south can make such a difference.
    You probably get a lot of humid air coming from the Adriatic sea. Carinthia gets tons of snow coming from the south.

    The building with the parking lot - first I thought it might be a school. Is it a company? Do you make contact? (Hello, hello!)

    How is your weather today? Around here it is overcast, heavy fog in 800m altitude.

  8. Paula: The building on the left of the parking lot is a musical conservatory and the one overlooking the parking lot is an apartment building with a bank and insurance company on the ground levels.
    Vrhnika is very wet and humid, we have a lot of streams, river Ljubljanica has its source here, lots of fog and rain.
    Today the temperature is minus 1 and foggy. Brrr!

  9. I love seeing all this verdant green landscape. And the rainbow is beautiful!

  10. Vanessa: Thanks :-) We have a lot of beautiful woodland areas in and around Vrhnika, perfect for jogging and cycling (and taking photos of cute animals)

  11. Thanks for the explanation no apologizes needed.Ida

  12. You live in a beautiful place. The winter picture makes me jealous. It only snows here up in the mountains, about four hours away.

  13. Susan: Want to switch? I'd more than happy to. I'll even throw in my winter parka and heavy duty boots. You'll need them ;-)