Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why I'd make a bad fashion blogger

It's not the lack of clothes. And definitely not the lack of interesting accessories ;-P Whether you call it laziness or pragmatism, I love to create uniform looks for every season. As the seasons change I like to open my closet and pick a few items that will become my favourite. These can be new things or something quite old. As is the case with the black jacket with red lining in the next photo. Blacklisted in May, when I did a major closet de-stash, it came back with a vengeance this autumn after I discovered the lost of weight made it once more a perfect fit.

1. Late September, early October

The weather is still quite warm and it hasn't started raining yet. This is the time when I pack my sandals and bring out some light autumn footwear like ballerinas or these cognac sneakers. I also bring out my autumn/winter bag. Finishing the look off with a random jewellery selection. This year it was the dragonfly brooch I received for my birthday and the necklace from the Bead Soup.

2. Late October, early November

A very old fashion rule states that boots can't be worn before All Saints' day unless it begins snowing before that day. This is probably one of the few rules I stick to relentlessly. Probably because I am irked by the women who break out their new boots around 18th September when it's still 22 degrees Celsius outside.
This is usually the time of year my crazy jacket gets worn all the time. It's cropped and has 3/4 length sleeves making it an utterly amusing piece of clothing. If only for the bewildered looks it evokes.

But if the temperatures reside between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius it's ideal. I love to pair it with long gloves and my Indian girl bag. Also featured a tulip skirt from Sisley.

3. November

Dreary, foggy, depressing. My mood swings are in full swing. I also suffer from lack of interest and/or energy. It's all related to the rapid decline of sunlight. Daylight savings switch to winter time isn't helping either.

My tactic for battling negative thoughts: wear pink, lots and lots of pink! This outfit is extremely infantile: the jacket was made with a girls' fabric and the ankle boots are childrens' too. This is also the only time of the year I love to wear my prescription glasses out in public.

4. December

The most festive month of the year. We go out quite a bit in December. Meeting all the friends before New Year is a tradition. I like to create an outfit that's casual but on the dressier side.
The boots were a recent* acquisition. I bought them last November from a Vegetarian shoe company. These were exactly what my wardrobe was missing, a pair of casual smart boots that can be dressed up or down.

The coat is one I made myself, again. The fabric was quite cheap, because this sort of bright magenta isn't a popular choice for coats in Slovenia.

5. January, February

Aka the frost bite months of the year. This is the time of year when temperatures are well bellow zero. It's also wet and snowing most of the time. As a pedestrian, I hate to get my pants wet and ruined by the salt so I wear skirts at all times. With my trusty heavy duty Doc Marten's boots. These are now believe it or not 6 or 7 years old and will probably last at least another 6 or 7 years.

All hope of wearing a coat in this weather has long been abandoned. Instead, my quite feminine parka with a belt and extra thick lining to keep me warm. Though not obvious from the photo it's actually a wonderful shade of bronze.

And there you have it. From March on, the order of wearing outfits featured above is reversed and come May, I'll probably be wearing the black jacket with red lining.

*recent In my closet time passes at a much slower rate: meaning any item of clothing less than two years old is young and anything bought in the last 12 months is new.


  1. I tend to dress in uniforms too. My typical look for fall/winter is a pullover sweater over a t-shirt or blouse, and jeans/slacks/skirt (depending on where I'm going). I have a black pea coat, a light ski jacket, and I'm still shopping for a raincoat. Shoes are boots or loafers. I do change up my scarves and jewelry, at least.

    We don't have any rules about boots where I live, in the southern U.S. (Or at least I've never heard of any.) Here, people may wear cowboy boots year-round, even during the hottest days of summer. And since, in winter, it can be warm one day and freezing the next, temperature doesn't really dictate when we wear our winter boots-- although, most people don't start wearing them before October.

  2. What an interesting post!
    No, you are not in the lack of clothes, heh. Your combinations are fun and colorful. Just like you!
    If I had to pick my favorites, they would be 2 ( the tulip dress ) and 5 ( the parka ).
    I can see, that you pay attention to detailing your outfits to perfection. Again so you.
    But - what I can´t understand, is the topic of your post. Why would you make a bad fashion blogger? Because you don´t create a " new " look for each day ( only for a month, two ) or what?
    I´ve never heard the boot rule, but am avoiding them myself as far to the cold season as possible.

  3. Ms. M: When I started reading fashion bloggers, the first thing I noticed was a complete disregard to sandals in the summer, boots in the winter rule.
    No matter how fashion forward, I still think strappy sandals should be packed away once the temperatures drop firmly below 15 degrees Celsius.

    Mette: The boot rule would appear to be a Slovene one, maybe even an obscure one :-)
    As for the post, you're right, I'd make a bad fashion blogger because I don't have the energy/desire to come up with interesting outfits on a weekly basis. I like to have more items, but seldom wear everything in my closet. Once I pick my favourites for the season and create an "interesting" outfit, my work is done!

  4. I like your style!

    You encourage me to be a bit more playful. I tend to be conservative.

  5. Susan: I love colourful outerwear or any classic items that are traditionally bought in black only (shoes, bags,...) It's the rebellious nature in me to push against established norms. If you'd been to Slovenia, you would understand. As a nation we are severe conformists. I can't tell you how much that irks me.

  6. I love the magenta coat you've made.
    So nice to brighten up a bleak winter day with a burst of colour!

  7. bead addict: remember your post on the purple, a week or so ago? As you can see, my winter outfits feature magenta nad some pink/purple combinations.

  8. There is nothing wrong with having a uniform look for every season. I actually do the same. Stick with what works for you! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Bonnie: Very true but it can easily turn into a one way street to frumpville ;-)