Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today I covet...

Burda Style 12 / 2011

Burda Style had published all the patterns of the December issue on their web site. This dress is quite simply gorgeous and worth the 6 € the magazine costs if nothing else.
I'm wondering, all you seamstresses out there, will you be making this dress?

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  1. this dress reminds me of a vintage pucci dress:

    any cup size larger than AA will seem virtually augmented, due to the shape of the cleavage. It really presents the cleavage and looks very feminine. :-)

    I need a lot of selfconfidence to wear such a dress when being surrounded by black suits.

  2. Paula: the necklines on Burda patterns tend to be scandalously low. I'm almost certain I'll attempt this pattern once I get my hands on the magazine, but I'll definitely raise the neckline or do an insert (my standard practice) I'm also thinking of ditching the gathered skirt and do a 6 panelled one (three in front, three in back) . More slimming and sophisticated.
    The Pucci is gorgeous, if I were you I'd wear it with impunity ;-D

  3. This would be a party dress? Classic, in my opinion. For a petite woman.
    Would you be using the same color? If so, nude accessories would fit perfectly with this dress : )
    I don´t find the cleavage disturbing. If you have what show, please do : )

  4. Mette: The fabric Burda team picked for this one is definitely worthy of repeating. If I make this dress it'll be for the wedding I mentioned in an August post. I'll show a bit of cleavage, that's okay but I still like to be able to dance in it without fear of something falling out ;-P

  5. I think it would look great on you but that sort of fitting above the waist and under the breasts is not a flattering look on me.

    The pucci dress Paula pointed to is a little less fitted.

    The alterations you're considering sound good to me.

  6. What colour/material will you use? Like the sleeves, and the dress will look good on you.Ida

  7. Susan: This pattern is very reminiscent of a classic black cocktail dress I have in my closet and I've always wanted a duplicate in a lighter colour. Will of course follow up with a post after I've made my decision.

    ida: Silk satin would be an obvious choice, but I'm more drawn to chiffon as a top layer and some matte coordinating fabric underneath. As for colour either purple or navy, maybe even some sort of a toned down version of electric blue. Something I could coordinate with my octopus jewellery set.