Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quintessential November

1st of November is All Saints' day, the day we pay our respect to our ancestors. It's also traditionally the day that officially marks the beginning of winter season. Boots and coats are brought out of storage or new ones are put on display at the yearly "promenade" that is the municipal graveyard.
We like to avoid the hoi poloi at all costs, lighting our candles a day or two in advance.

Celje municipal graveyard

Last weekend Mr. C and me went to my mum's house in the country. The great walnut tree is now almost completely bare.

Mr. C was tasked with the unpleasant chore of raking the leaves and picking the remainder of the walnuts hiding in the grass.

Mine was a considerably more pleasant task:

Shelling the walnuts;

And providing kitties with soothing gentle stroking.

Meet Oli, one of mum's three cats

I did also vacuum both cars but opted not to show you the photos of me in my ill fitting work clothes, and messy hairdo.


  1. The nuts look delicious. What is your method that leaves you with half nuts instead of crumbs of nuts? I find it difficult to shell them without crumbling the nut inside.

  2. Paula: From experience this requires both precision and a strong hand. First of all you must position the nut so that the seam of the nut is in the exact position where the nutcracker takes hold, this way you pry the nut open instead of shattering it. And secondly the firm grip to ensure you apply the correct amount of force. I usually position my walnuts correctly but lack the sufficient force. As a result I have to re-try and that's when I shatter the contents. It has to be done in one swift motion.

  3. The nuts look delicious. There is nothing like fresh walnuts.

    The photos of your mum's place in the country are very beautiful.

  4. Lucky you all those delicious,healthy walnuts.They are expensive over here but needs must.I dislike the 'wet' walnuts really yuucki.

    Your photo could have been taken in my garden,same sort of view,grass + loads of leaves my hb and his trusted wheelbarrow.

    I enjoy looking round graves' all the different names,thinking of what their lives where like.

    No I am not a ghoul (laugh) Ida

  5. Susan: Thanks, it's very peaceful there.

    Ida: Walnuts are expensive here too and usually of questionable quality.
    I like to look at the gravestones or the statues and the flower arrangements.