Friday, November 11, 2011

The 1st Annual Virtual Craft Show

So here you have it, a mouthful of a title and you're probably wondering what is this beast. Virtual craft show is an on-line event hosted by the sweet and lovely Lori Anderson from Pretty Things. Among many other things she's also the master mind behind Bead soup blog party.

Quite simply The Virtual Craft Show is like any other craft show only this one takes place in blogosphere, to be precise on Lori's blog for a whole whooping 7 days between November 26th and December 3rd.

I jumped at the chance to participate because where I come from, this tiny quaint country I call home craft shows are rarer to come by than a golden fleece (There was one, but Jason snagged it like 3000 years ago).

There will be lots of artisans showcasing their work and of course there will be giveaways.

my stash
As you all know the holiday season is fast approaching, there is this tension in the air: people in a frenzy to buy gifts, artisans nervous and trying to sell their creations. Budgets are tight, the economy is in the pot. So I'm extending this invitation not to try and get you to buy something. Hop over, take a look, comment, participate in the giveaways.


  1. That's an impressive bead stash you have there. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with little plastic boxes full of beads!
    I will pop over to the virtual craft fair, online shopping is just the best as you can beat the crowds, no queing up for hours and best of all you can shop in your pajamas! (if you so wish!)

  2. I like the idea of having the chance to buy unique pieces of handmade artisan designs online, though I won´t be shopping.
    These pieces of jewelry would look so great on particularly younger women.
    They are really unique in design, yet so affordable.
    I´m trying, at this age, to stick to what I already have, maybe just update or exchange something I already have.
    But in my heart, I really wish you success on your designs. You deserve it : )!!

  3. Thank you for you lovely comment on my blog! I'm loving your beaded creations and looking forward for more!

  4. I'm trying to make it a point to buy more handmade and local gifts this year. We definitely need to support artisans like yourself!~

  5. Crafter's Delights: You're welcome! I do like your blog tremendously. Thanks for hopping over.

    Vanessa: It's really wonderful how people have embraced the handmade movement over this past few years. So many women of my generation in Slovenia can't do any of the traditional crafts like knitting, sewing or embroidery. It was deemed "provincial". I love it how the tide is now slowly turning and more and more of these women are now eager to learn.

  6. coffeeaddict,though this is not my scene...not gifted at all with threads,beads,needles....though the Convent taught us embroidery,knitting (or tried to in my case!)

    Over here have seen women taking up the handmade skills that their grandparents used on a daily basis. Ida

  7. @bead addict and Mette: sorry ladies, my previous comments were a mess!

    bead addict: I've accumulated it over the span of four years. Isn't it scary how we end up with so many beads without being conscious of it. And than one day there's this huge stash. I've been on a ban since the end of July only buying wire and closures for jewellery and muslin, thread, zippers for sewing.

    Mette: I think it's important to retain integrity. I know you buy locally from Finnish designers, when their designs correspond to your aesthetic criteria. I also know we share the same aversion to mass produced items from sweat shops. That's why I appreciate your encouragement :-)

  8. ida: It really depends how it was presented to you, if you were forced into it. On the other hand, some people are simply better at something. My stepdad is spectacularly good at drawing, painting and sculpting. What I wouldn't give to be half as good as him!