Sunday, October 2, 2011

Road trip: Portorož, September 2011

Portorož is usually associated with classy socialite resorts and in the mind of Slovenes the most elite coastal town in Slovenia.
Unfortunately Portorož's days of glory are well in the past. These days the town resembles an aged opera diva.

The town is a curious mix of fancy high end boutiques with ridiculously overpriced luxury items and street vendors offering cheap Chinese trinkets. It pains me to see that this town has become nothing more than an oversized mall designed to extract the maximum amount of money out of tourists.

Aside from things to buy there really isn't much to do in Portorož. Not one decent restaurant. On the waterfront at least. All the 5 star hotels are actually on the inner side and I have no desire to sit in their suave lounges if I can't have my coffee while looking out on the sea. That's the whole point of coming here.

This post is very economical for I've managed to squeeze in two of my summer dues: a road trip and a sewing project. I'm feeling rather smug right now ;-P

All photos courtesy of Mr. C


  1. Whatever you wrote, these pictures show a wonderful " old diva ". I am not referring to you ; ).
    Mr. C takes excellent pictures.
    These also show a totally new Ana, so calm, so with ease with herself. A beautiful Ana !
    And - I see you have your shop in an eye- catching place. Best wishes for your other profession too!

  2. Mette: Mr. C has become remarkably good. These days he usually takes all the pictures. The only problem is that he frequently gets left out of them as a result.
    And yes, the charm of having a blog is the shameless self promotion ;-) I'm slowly building up my Etsy store.
    Thanks for all the compliments!

  3. The Etzy store is the first thing I noticed and I will definitely be one of your customers :).

    That dress is fantastic. You're so talented!

  4. Susan: you're too kind! Yes some shameless self-promotion going on ;-)

  5. The photo with yourself and the sailing boats in the background captures the feel of the day just favourite is the one of you walking away..confidently into the future!....the pattern,design of your dress is so elegant on you.

    The only thing was the shoulder bag spoilt it..hope I have not upset you. Ida

  6. ida: I absolutely agree on the bag thing. This is more of a summer garden party dress and I made it with that intent.
    I wore it that day because I wanted Mr. C to get a nice photo of the dress.