Friday, October 14, 2011

No film tonight...

I'm off to have coffee with a friend in Ljubljana.


  1. Thought of you last night as I watched your 'hero' aka Hercule Poirat (David Suchet)..he was playing a judge in a new British series...he looked so slim,much younger,no moustache!!!!

    Spending time with friends such a joy,have fun. Ida

  2. Mette: Thanks, had some (expensive) coffee and a very nice chat with an old friend.

    ida: without make up and paddings he is unrecognisable. Which TV series were you watching?

    And time with friends has gotten so limited now, we're all so busy these days. I know some hardly have the time to spend with their partners. Horrific!

  3. 'Hidden' is the name last week was the 2nd instalment....all about the naughty 'goings on' in politics.....what's new!! Ida

  4. Pretty scene, and lovely break!

  5. Vanessa: It's one of the oldest squares in Ljubljana. Recently an underground parking lot was build and the tiled promenade in the centre of the photo where the previous parking lot used to be was turned into a pedestrian zone. I was so excited to see this happen!