Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's snowing!

Can you believe this? Just this morning it was raining and then around midday it turned into snow and hasn't stopped since.
If it keeps up, I might have to get my boots out of storage! How's the weather in your corner of the World?


  1. Snowing! I have never had to deal with snow where I live, so snow is always so pretty in my eye! It is Spring where I am (Australia) we are having Spring rain...fine by me...great for the garden...and after years of drought a welcome sound. Those trees look so pretty!

  2. Oh, how exciting! Now that we live on the coast, snow is a rare thing. It has turned cooler now, which is a blessing, since that means no more mosquitos. :)

  3. Here in Delaware on the Eastern Shore of the US it is finally turning cooler too! Get rid of the bugs for sure... The snow is pretty but I am not ready for it yet!

  4. Jenni: I envy you just a bit! As the northern hemisphere is getting ready to plunge into dark and dreary cold, you are looking forward to the warmer months of the year.

    Shirley: I do love snow, honestly. But not in October, way too soon.

    Marian: We are incredibly lucky here, our apartment is on the third floor and we get so few bugs, even in the summer.

  5. Yikes just looking at your photo made me shiver!Seems early but in these weird weather conditions worldwide what is normal?

    Cold grey day here in the UK 11c.We have had a poor summer here so fingers crossed for a mild Winter!!!

    Enjoy your snowy Friday in your boots. Ida

  6. Where I live (southern U.S.) we just had our first "long sleeves" day yesterday! We're still recovering from a very hot summer.

  7. ida: the snow has now almost melted away, but the chill in the air is here to stay. I can't believe I started Monday seriously considering buying new autumn shoes and ending it by bringing boots out of storage!

    Ms. M: We had a wonderful September, it was extraordinarily hot but in a nice way. And then withing four weeks we went from 30 C to 5 C, basically from flip flops to boots. Weird!

  8. You won this snow contest Ana.
    We have had sun and rain and sun and rain and..Friday morning was around zeros, the wind is brisk now, but the sun is shining.
    It seems, that we are into cooler temperatures, brrr.

  9. Mette: I need no further proof that the weather is indeed deranged! If we get snow before you guys in Finland do!