Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogger culture: The creative process

having coffee and waiting for a friend

I just can't seem to get enough of this topic. On today's menu: how do you come up with your posts?
I like to keep a notebook and a pen with me at all times. I've always found it easier to write and re-type my posts.
I frequently take the bus into town to run errands or meet up with friends. It's a 50 minutes ride in relative comfort and I find it relaxing to sit and write in my notebook. I can write up to two posts in the time it takes to reach the bus station. Something I've never been able to do at home sitting and starring at my computer screen. Somehow computer screen give me writer's blockage. Even when I wrote my thesis, I wrote about 70% percent on paper first and re-typed it later.


  1. great question, dear. I created a "Topic list" for my blog for each day. I gather the topics from what my readers search for, what comes to what mind, or what inspired me from my reading. But i can´t write a post and retype in my keyboard. When I write, it´s more spontaneous if done directly to my monitor. :)

  2. Great topic - my posts are always the same each week - it's getting kinda boring. I like your idea of actually writing it down. I get 'writer's block' staring my computer screen too - or just distracted with all the other stuff that could be online!!

  3. Though I have no blog just wanted to say I always carry notebook and pen in my bag for writing ideas both for business/house/clothes etc....sad person that I am also tel no' mobile is for emergency only!!!

    Like the design of your notebook. I have always been interested how bloggers' decide what to write,and whether they post straight onto the computer.

    Will await further comments. Ida

  4. My posts tend to be updates on sewing and my understanding of the meaning-of-life-so-far so there's always something brewing :).

  5. Glee: I do write a lot of posts on the spur of the moment, but there are certain ones I like to take time to really carefully examine what it is I want to say and how I want to say it. I also have a vast collection of notebooks and I like the idea of committing thoughts on paper. It's more permanent, even sentences I cross out or don't use in the finished post remain there for all time.

    shel: boring is such a strong word. But I noticed my post start to lag when my focus is off. Creativity is cyclical and I've learned to seize the opportunity when I'm feeling especially creative or inspired and I do write several posts in advance or at least sketch in a few ideas I can work on later.

  6. ida: the notebook cover is a reproduction of The Lamayuru Monastery wall painting. I really have a thing for notebooks, did a post on my collection a while ago.

    Susan: You also have a very unique approach, posting once a month. It's more like a monthly newsletter than a post. And you style of writing is very condensed. Lots to read and think about!

  7. A difficult question to answer.
    I don´t have a plan, I write straight and spontaneously, don´t use pen and paper.
    And since I´m writing for my own blog, I get to choose the topics !!
    However, things happening around me, around my own country, and now in Europe, have an influence on what I write.
    I try to write about different things, although I am aware, that the fashion pictures are among the most popular.

  8. Mette: I think your blog really reflects your personality, you're always quick and spontaneous in your decisions. Though the quickness comes from a lifelong experience and reflection.
    I get so many ideas what to wirte about, I keep titles in my notebook and develop the post as I go along. I'm really meticulous about words and phrases, so I like to take my time getting it to sound just the way I want it.

  9. My blog posts tend to spring from the things I find useful/inspiring for my jewellery making hobby. I like to share what I'm learning. Although most other bloggers out there are actually way more advanced than I am!
    It's fun all the same.
    I type my posts straight out, but there is something so nice about putting pen to paper to plot out your thoughts isn't there :-)

  10. bead addict: when I signed up for bead soup I was terrified my work would be considered basic and not good enough. I'm so glad I overcame my fear! I received so many nice comments and encouragement that led to to finally get serious with my Etsy store. Never assume you can't teach or learn! something new :-)