Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday night film selection: Le divorce

After yesterday's debate on essentials and underwear, I was reminded of this gem of a film:

Le divorce received quite a lot of bad reviews and was generally badly received. In my opinion this is largely due to the fact that the film was improperly advertised as a romantic comedy. And people going in the theatres expecting to see something like: How to loose a guy in 10 days (starring Hudson again) or Monster-in-Law (Jennifer Lopez this time) were of course disappointed and confused.
I rented this movie for a girls-get-together film night, fully expecting something light with a predictable storyline, something not requiring my full attention. Turns out this is not the kind of film you want to watch when you just want something easy to pass the time.
This is not a romantic comedy, it's more like a social drama with cynical inserts and stereotypes of the French as well as the Americans.
As far as the story goes it's a bit unstructured and I really liked it because of it. In that aspect it has a feel of Robert Altman's Pret-a-porter. Where the focus isn't on the story itself but rather on the interactions of some genuinely quirky and eccentric characters.
As for the stereotypes, they're just that. I've read somewhere the French were offended. Which is silly, because the film portrays some all time favourite stereotypes about Americans as well. It's all just some innocent fun.
As far as favourite scenes go, the one in the clip is definitely it. Isabelle goes shopping for underwear to La Perla no less. If you can just ignore the obvious question of where did she come up with the money for it (this is still fiction after all!) it's truly a very funny scene.

Trailer provided by Video Detective


  1. Funny! It reminds me of my recent visit to a French lingerie shop :).

  2. Susan: the SA at posh boutiques completely intimidate me. I always turn red like a lobster.

  3. I hate bra fittings even when the assistants are helpful...mostly buy my bras, from Rigby & Peller in London...I always have plain nude pants/bras which can be worn under any colour outfit.

    I dislike lacey underwear...think it is my down to my convent schooling! Ida

  4. ida: That's an interesting bit of information! I wonder, did you like the experience of convent schooling or was is unpleasant?
    I hate lace because it's usually polyester, even the more exclusive brands and it's itchy and scratchy.

  5. So this turned into lingerie shopping ; )
    I would never let a SA enter the fitting room, not even when I am trying on dresses or sweaters- wof!
    Years ago, I entered a lingerie shop and the elderly owner immediately knew my size and suggested " the best brand " ( Lise Charmel ) for me.
    Ever since, I have only bought those, because they are the best, the nicest and have the best designs and have the right amount of " flirt " ; )
    I have one nude set, naturally lacy, otherwise it would feel boring.

  6. Mette: yup :-D Never heard of Lise Charmel before. Googled it and I do like their design but it's a bit too frilly for me. Like I said in the post, I don't like lace, my skin is easily irritated. And I need my undies to be machine washable. My favourites are: Skiny, Triumph and Slovenia's own brand Lisca. And that's one excellent sales assistant, to size you up so fast. It's always a dream to run into a person so highly qualified and professional, very rare today!
    Like Ida I love to buy undies in skin tone and also black as well.

  7. I remember reading the book on which this movie was being based, and then watching the movie. I thought the book was so much better, but I agree that people's expectations of what they were going to see probably affected how they reviewed it.

  8. Vanessa: Bad marketing strategy for sure! I've been contemplating the idea of reading the book as well.

  9. I'm intrigued by your description. I'm planning a lazy day of laundry and TV, so I will probably watch it today.

    I order all my bras online and I do splurge on them. Luckily, I haven't had any problems finding a good fit. I would have to travel for a while to find a good lingerie boutique, and I'd probably be intimidated, too!

    My favorites so far are my Chantelle t-shirt bras. I call them my "industrial strength" bras because the support is unbelievable. I will never go back to Victoria's Secret!

  10. I use to wear Lejaby undies till they became too laceie racey for me but they are good quality and fit well.Triumph are excellent.

    If you wear white pants/bra under white outer clothes they are visible! not the nude shades only wear cotton/silk next to my skin.

    Tee hee how posts wander. Ida

  11. Ooops, sorry coffeeaddict yep the Nuns were very strict/harsh the physical punishment would not be allowed today.

    Still we had fun as well.Ida

  12. Ms. M: I'd be interested to read your opinion of the film.
    Chantelle bras are awesome! But the one store that carries them in Slovenia has too few models available and if I'm not there the moment the new collection hits the shelves, there's nothing left by the following week.

    ida: took me a long time to figure out white bras were a bad idea. I had an epiphany about skin tone undies 7 years ago, never looked bad since. Convent rules sound scary...