Saturday, October 8, 2011

I never win these sort of things...

I've participated in so many blog giveaways this year and I haven't won any of the amazing prizes featured. Until about two weeks ago, when I was contacted by the lovely and talented Linda from Lutka &Co. that I've won a lampwork beaded bracelet she had made.

I received the package in the mail yesterday. Our nice mailman rang the doorbell saying he had a package that didn't fit in the mailbox. Puzzled I ran the three flights down wondering what could the mystery package be.
Linda made extra sure the bracelet wouldn't get damaged in transport and wrapped it so carefully in a cardboard box filled with styrofoam packaging.

Hidden in the layers of packaging was a zip lock bag with a jewellery box and a card.

The lampwork beads are all made by Linda and they're spectacular. Notice how there are two different kinds of flowers on the beads: roses and daisies. Super cute!
And yes, all of the metal used to finish the bracelet is sterling silver.

The card contained a handwritten note.Which I must say is probably the nicest part of the whole giveaway. The personal touch.
Thank you Linda :-)


  1. What a lovely bracelet! I love when I get a package in the mail not knowing what it is. It's like christmas :) And if you get a handwritten note with your gift/prize/order it just makes it so much better. Those styrofoam things were a nice gift too. They can be used for many things, for example as earplugs... ;)

  2. Congratulations on your win such delicate workmanship are you wearing the bracelet this weekend? Ida

  3. Miss Meadows: I think I'll be re-using the styrofoam for packing delicate objects that go to my basement storage.

    ida: That's an excellent idea. I just got invited to go bowling today and I think I could probably wear it on the non bowling arm.

  4. Congratulations !
    A handmade piece like that, must have meant hours of work !

  5. Mette: hours or work and lots of love :-)

  6. Beautiful! I've never heard of lampwork to look them up.

  7. Susan: That might prove fatal for your bank account ;-) Etsy and similar markets are filled with so many talented lampwork artists and gorgeous pieces, I could easily spend a fortune.