Monday, October 17, 2011

Today I covet...

Starting off Monday on a whiny note ;-)
Make no mistake, I don't need these, I already have more than enough shoes. However, a pair of black lace oxfords would fit perfectly into my current style preference.

Briony shoes
None the less I am determined not to buy any new shoes until the old ones are thoroughly worn out. Which means I'm good until spring.
What about you, dear readers? Pining over anything?


  1. Good morning Ana!
    You know me, I seldom pine over anything in beforehand. If I " happen " to see something interesting, the situation turns quite different rapidly ; )
    I have done the wheeling and dealing though, haa- you just gave me an idea for a post.. Thank you!
    P.S. The Briony shoes, how are you able to resist them ?

  2. Mette: I've been slowly cleaning my closet, putting summer things in storage and taking out winter clothes. The amount of things I have is astounding.
    I've been toying with the idea to buy the Briony shoes because one of my pairs will be permanently retired by the end of autumn. Seeing how much stuff I've accumulated put me off.

  3. I covet WendyB's Cleopatra earrings!

  4. Susan: I remember those earrings being worn by Samantha in Sex and the City II. Her jewellery is drool worthy! She had some spectacular cufflinks a while ago, The Empress Wu cufflings featuring a dragon with a semi-precious bead in his mouth. Price on demand. Ouch!