Monday, October 24, 2011

Signs it's going to be a bad day

  • You wake up a good two hours before the alarm. Wander around the apartment aimlessly, surf the net. Finally fall asleep exhausted. Sleep through the alarm. Wake up at 11.
  • Sleep through the alarm for no reason. Wake up at 11.

  • Wake up at 5 in the morning to the sound of cat scratching the furniture, barfing fur balls, digging for oil in the litter box, etc. Sleep through the alarm. Wake up at 11.
  • First morning coffee didn't work. Have one more. Doesn't work either. Gives you stomachache.
  • It's ironing day. Any explanation needed?
  • Receive another rejection letter.

  • Being harassed by a telemarketer eager to promote their wonderful retirement savings plan.
  • Drop a loaded tray of beads and jewellery components on the floor.
  • Write a great post on blogger. Computer freezes. Loose everything.

  • Your favourite t-shirt/shoes/bag has gone to pots.
  • You make an effort to go running. Put on your workout clothes, shoes and everything. Just as you're on your way out, it starts pouring cats and dogs.

All photos were taken at Ljubljana Zoo on one wonderful sunny day in May 2011.


  1. Oh dear, this all did not happen on one single day? Perhaps it is collection of several days, when things just go s o wrong. Of a day ( s ), when it would feel good to stay under covers from dusk till dawn, but impossible.
    You have all my empathy.
    A good sign, that you have managed to keep your humor up, showing us these nice, yet funny pictures : )

  2. Well, the day may have been bad but your recap is hilarious.

    Rejection letter? Are you trying to publish something?

  3. Came to you via UneFemme, though I've seen you around "A Femme" as well. (Couldn't resist your name after musing on my own coffee addiction yesterday.)

    That sleepless wandering? That write-a-post/lose-a-post? EEEEK. (This is where the coffee helps, right?)

    Very much hoping the day improves. And meanwhile, the pictures are delightful.

  4. Mette: No, all of these didn't happen in one day, that wouldn't be a bad day but a disastrous one! Like you said, more like a collage of tiny annoying things that can and have happened in the past. I thought I'd change my outlook on things by writing about it from a more funny point of view.

    Vaness: Thanks! Been feeling really low for a few days now. It will get better.

    Susan: Job hunt is not going well :-( Been feeling bummed out about it.

    Big LittleWolf: Yes, both Deja and Tish are some of my favourite bloggers :-) My own screen name is the only logical one, because I do drink a lot of coffee. Totally hooked on it ;-) And the adorable animals cheered me up. The Zoo photo album is one I access often, we managed to get so many fantastic photos that day.

  5. The photos made me is a bummer at helps to share with blogger/non blogger friends.
    Just think of the letter arriving to ask you for an interview it will happen. Ida

  6. ida: I know it will. I just wish I'd be sooner than later :-) In the mean time I'm trying to stay positive and keep busy. Thanks for your kind words!

  7. Oh I hear you. As for rejection letters -- I get MANY more of those than acceptance letters. And I also get nasty emails, too.

  8. Lori: The rejection letters by themselves I could handle. It's the fact that I keep applying for positions and receive no answer, not a peep that annoys me. Combined with the fact that the people around keep saying how difficult it's going to be to get a job in this economy. Really now?
    I can't imagine you ever receiving nasty e-mails! You're such a kind, encouraging, positive person. It's just random viciousness and petty jealousy. But I know, it hurts all the same.