Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yoga in the park

All through summer Mr C and me took part in a yoga class. The classes were held once a week on Thursdays in the local recreational park. At first a bit apprehensive, we were hooked from the first class on and we will miss these weekly sessions.

Sure there will still be yoga classes, but indoors :-(
There was something so relaxing and invigorating doing exercises and mental relaxation techniques on the warm grass in the shade of the enormous willow tree.

Today is our last meeting in the park. Autumn has arrived...


  1. Now see, this is something I would find totally intimidating-- yoga outdoors where anyone can walk by and see me! :) But I can also see how relaxing it could be, out there on the grass and in the shade with fresh air breezing through the park. I have some friends who participate in Tai Chi classes outdoors and they love it.

  2. It sounds lovely. I keep meaning to try yoga but there never seems to be enough time.

  3. Ms. M: I completely see your point! This is a relatively small town, yet we manage to have our share of cooks: one time some guy who walked by felt it necessary to shout obscenities at the group. We were just at the end of the session, chanting the peace mantra and he thought it it entertaining to pitch in or something? But by then yoga in the park was so much fun, I decided to ignore him and definitely not stoop to his level.

    Susan:I think people should do things at their own pace, way too many musts and shoulds in our life as it is.