Monday, September 12, 2011

You will have a bellyfull of sworn off bread in no time!

A somewhat crude but apt translation of an old old Slovene proverb. It teaches us not to be to hasty in our solemn declarations or proclamations, because it can quickly turn the opposite way. More often than not we end up doing things we swore we wouldn't do in a thousand years.
A month ago I proclaimed I won't be tempted by summer sales no matter how enticing the clothes or how low the prices might be. Did I ever get a bellyful of it. Between Mr C. and me, we bought more clothes in the past few weeks than we did in the past two years altogether!
It started innocently enough with tops. Because I had recently lost quite a bit of weight all my current tops were awkwardly big and the ones I have in storage hoping in vain I might fit into one day are too small. With the warm weather still lingering, I bit the bullet and bought three summer tops.

The one in the middle is actually a dark navy and it quickly became my favourite. Which is so weird, because it was the one I was most reluctant to buy. It's a somewhat loose fit with kimono sleeves, doesn't wrinkle and is very cool to wear.

The next week Benetton had a blow out sale on all spring/summer items and we bought half the store. An exaggeration of course, but to me such an amount of clothing bought in one go is unheard of. Yet we paid so ridiculously little and were relentless in picking only items that we truly needed and fit us perfectly no matter how low the prices were.
Of course it doesn't end here. I went for another round. Solo this time, looking for some business related wardrobe. As you all know by now I graduated quite recently. If you haven't read it on my blog then surely you must have heard it from my mum ;-P

As a lawyer to be I have very little leeway in terms of work appropriate attire. Jackets and suits are a must, there is no way around that fact. And thought I have one super nice suit it won't get me far. I set off trying to assemble a capsule professional wardrobe. The bare essential that will get me as far as possible on a few carefully picked out pieces.

after almost a decade of a back pants free exsistence, I bought two pairs in the span of one week
So off I went shopping again. And struck gold. I stumbled upon a jacket with coordinating pants and a skirt in a medium wight fabric and a neutral beige brown colour. The possibilities for coordinating are practically endless because it goes with black and navy and brown. A relatively neutral piece and medium weight so it can be worn almost thought the entire year.
I also bought two pairs of dress pants in black and a thoroughly summer jacket in white, bracelet length sleeves.

The dress isn't new, but it's from the same manufacturer and though they are diffents season, this brand has a very cohesive look and items from different seasons can easily be mixed together.


  1. Great proverb! For a professional, suits and suit separates are almost always a good investment. I really like the print on the dress on the right in the top picture.

  2. Wohow, I´m like clapping my hands - out of surprise! A happy surprise, may I add.
    I myself have felt so guilty for my purchases and now you reveal your lot. What a relief!
    Oh the beige suit is perfect in every way, just like you described. I like the dress ( the part I can see ) in the last picture also, and the white jacket is very ok with it:
    New shape, new tops. Definitely :)!!

  3. Great purchases and even better that they are bargains....well done to you.

    The beige 3 piece can be worn so many ways,different scarves,tops,etc,etc. Excellent investments for your new career. Ida

  4. déjà pseu: the dress is a silk cotton jersey knit. Not really suitable for a strict business ensemble, but perfect for a casual Friday or a semi formal gathering.

    Mette: In my mind I always pictured how exuberant and glamorous it would be to one day walk out of the fanciest stores in town with several huge bags in tow. In reality it was mostly exhausting. But I am super happy to have put together a capsule business wardrobe at a fraction of the cost and all the pieces featured in the post can be mixed. Many many combinations.

    ida: Thanks. It was such incredible fortune coming across the beige ensemble.

  5. That proverb explains my life!

    Like Pseu, I love that silk jersey dress. You really couldn't wear that with a tailored jacket in a business setting?

    My son's girlfriend is an attorney, and she does wear dresses (even without jackets) to work at times but then again she has her own firm in San Francisco, so business dress is probably more casual.

  6. great finds!
    <3 mode.

  7. Susan: Such old proverbs usually hold a lot of wisdom ;-)
    I see virtually everyone commenting really likes the dress.
    It's perfectly suitable for a business setting with a high neckline and long enough but I somehow wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a jersey knit. Maybe after I've already established myself I could afford to be more bold in my clothing choices.

    mode.: Thanks :-) Nice to see you commenting on my blog.